Sweeping back 330s and 340s

Sep 30, 2017
We have so many boxes that we will never use, can we send it back as misc. or do we need to open up each box and put it in plastic recycling?
No, the surrounding area my store is at not many people use those bags. At my previous store we had two boxes of 340s that were given to us when ship started 6 years ago that we never touched. At my current store same situation yet we keep getting 340s sent to us that have never been touched and is taking up way too much space.
I would look into why you keep getting them sent to you. About 6 months ago we kept getting one type of hip printer label in, like 15 boxes at a time. I figured out it was mislabeled on the order sheet for fulfillment supplies and they kept ordering the wrong ones not knowing it wasn't the right number. Perhaps this is happening to your store, wrong number so you're not getting what you do need?