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Jun 30, 2012
Ok here's the situation.

I want to add the 21% AT&T discount to my wireless account. But the only way at&t will do it is if I use my target email. I have never used it before and I'm having trouble logging into it. I know that it is but what is the password. I have used the password that I use to log in to workbench and eHR but neither of them seem to work. Is there a default password for the first time you log in or is there something else I have to do to set it up so I can use it?

it's the password to log into workbench but you only have email if you have a position that needs email. So depending on what your position is you might not even have email.
Ok so I should probably talk to hr about it and see if I can get one or go to an AT&T store and get them to fix it.
yeah, you can't have an email unless you are keyed in a position that it is required for. I'd talk to AT&T about it.
You should be able to get it under a personal email with your name as primary acct holder. That's does work on verizon.
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