Archived Target kicked me in the shins today

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Jul 21, 2011
They thought about me for the new Pfresh assistant back in December. Both the ETL and TL came to me personally and asked me to be the new Pfresh assistant (brand new position at my store).
I've been sort of training for this position. I say sort of since we have no Pfresh yet so there's so much I can do. All in all, I am getting 15 hours/week for this specific task.
Today, I asked about the real training since it's coming up soon and they told me the position had been filled. :huh:

What the what? They apologized profusely, said it was a miscommunication issue, they thought I didn't want the position anymore except they never talked to me about it. I sincerely believe they were being dishonest. If you really want someone on your team and you don't see them for interviews, then you ask them what's going on. Unless you don't want then anymore. I was super proactive and asked the TL every week if there was anything new. It was always "I don't know".

I'll never see Target the same anymore. That was an undeserved low-blow here.
I have a question for you.... Was the position ever posted? if it was and you applied for it and never got interviewed. Talk to your STL. If they didn't post it and just gave it to someone else after you expressed interest in it. Talk to your STL..
Typical Target politics. I'm almost certain the new hire is already familiar with someone, maybe even the STL or an ETL. We experience this all the time. Spot likes to claim hiring from within promotes "conflicts of interest" among already established TM's. So they hire strangers and rotate stores periodically. I know Target's politics. :D
Yes the position was posted on a wall ( just that there was 1 opening available) . I never saw it online when I tried to apply. My gut feeling was telling me something was going on. Everytime I asked about it, the TL told me she didn't know anything yet (she did obviously since she did the interviews) and she stopped saying "hi". I had a meeting with 2 ETL and the TL to get some explaination. They told me they screwed up and apologized but there was nothing they could do for the Pfresh position anymore. THey promised to make up for it though. Yeah, not counting on that.
Ah, the old dangling carrot merry-go-round. How long before you become too full to swallow your pride?
Sounds like the TL got someone in on the friends and family plan!
I gave up after they filled 2 GSTL spots without ever posting them or telling me there were openings.
My ETL knew I was interested in moving up, I was looking for opportunities to develop & took on tasks that no one else wanted but I guess I didn't fit their image.
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