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Target Mobile Rehire Question

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by ElusiveINTJ, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. ElusiveINTJ

    ElusiveINTJ Guest

    So probably a dumb question..
    I worked for Target Mobile (Marketsource) about a year ago. Was the Number one Sales Rep in the Nation for the Q1 of that year. To my surprise I was alleged of theft after investigation. My DM cried as she walked me out the door.
    I never tried to plead my case after I had left due to the number of jobs had lined up for me afterwards.
    I recently ran into an old DM of mine and realized how much I truly do miss the value I brought to the company.
    Is there any route of action I can take in order to get rehired by Marketsource even if it was targets choice to terminate me? I thought about contacting HR. But im not too certain. There has to be a way.
  2. EagleEye

    EagleEye APTL

    If Target sought to terminate you due to a theft investigation, then probably not. They don't just make this stuff up. Termination due to theft requires solid proof, which I'm positive they still have saved and documented.

    Target investigators don't just allege theft and terminate people, it's a process that involves official documentation including video of the theft.
  3. TM2

    TM2 Team Member

    Yeah there's no chance. Just to play devil's advocate though is it possible you were termed for selling fraudulent phones, rather than outright theft?
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  4. garbage

    garbage Former TPS / Current Security Officer

    To term a TM or Contract Mobile TM, it goes up to the district level for approval. Not to say anything bad here, but they had to have had some solid evidence, as @EagleEye has said. If you haven't been arrested or charged with a crime, then it probably means you have done something super fishy/sketchy a few times to pop up on their radar.
  5. Dat1tm

    Dat1tm Guest

    You sound like the mobile team member who use to work at my store who did fraud and stole from the company
  6. phibot

    phibot The Lord of the Things

    What lol
  7. OP

    ElusiveINTJ Guest

    Nope.. countless time turned down fraud. Got called racist on multiple occasions. The only reason that had termed me was due to the individual of the missing phone popped up as my number. Which isn't very unlikely due to a few customer returns not working with the sim so I would pop in mine to check the phones working capability. I never once took a phone as alleged by our AP.
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