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Jul 7, 2011
Anybody know how to move something from the desktop or a thumb-drive (enabled PCs) to your MySite?
From desktop, use attachment button like you are writing an email. Thumb drives on Our stations have been locked out by spot.

My Site is a personal site that gives you a central location to manage and store your documents, content, links, and contacts. My Site serves as a point of contact for other users in your organization to find information about you and your skills and interests. Content providers can use My Site as a method of customizing the information they present to users.

I don't know of any storeside TM's or execs that use MySite, or have a reason to. Only corporate employees.
I use it all of the time.

I've got templates for printing on the different types of sign paper, order guides for TIPP, manuals for different equipment (to look up part numbers). It's nice to have one page to go to for all of my needs, rather than being forced to do it only from a single computer.
ah. ok. I figured Target went ahead and did a Walmart and did something like mywalmart.
All TLs and ETLs were instructed to use it some time last year when target halted to ability to use jump drives on the computers, however I do believe that the PCs in the HR office and the AP office will still allow use of the jump drives.
I use it all the time! I fell like the only one that does though, the desktops of our computers are littered with documents, I dont understand why you wouldn't use it. Why be tied to one computer?
Oops I am dumb, Corporate has an iteration of MySite that they use as an "About Me" page for many of their employees. The stores version of My Site is supposed to replace using local storage to keep documents like Coachings and CAs, reviews, statuses, etc as others have suggested.

My bad!
I don't like that logic. I can come into the store when I'm not working to check my schedule and it's somehow ok, but if I'm not wasting gas then it's working off the clock.
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