Archived Target removes all market pantry eggs from all their stores

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And to think, yesterday we got a ginormous pallet of eggs that we have to keep in the cooler now...
We crushed so many eggs that they were leaking out the bottom of the compactor.
Soon to be hidden messages in the media from the egg council...

They were egged on by the animal protests.
We feel their eggo was too good for their own good.
We felt their operations were a little too scrambled to go on.
Target demands eggxeptional products for their customers.
Well the sunny side to this is that there are no more problematic eggs for breakfast anymore.
The employees were fried due to their poor workmanship with the eggs.
The investigation began after a few employees were seen counting the chickens before the eggs.
We were told it didn't apply to our store. . . I'm a little confused now.
What everyone is saying is making me nervous though. Why were some stores told to hold them and some told to throw them out?
We were told it didn't apply to our store. . . I'm a little confused now.
What everyone is saying is making me nervous though. Why were some stores told to hold them and some told to throw them out?

The video mention that sparbo(sp?) farm was a supplier for certain parts of the country. So it may be that they don't supply your area.
We were told to hold off from destroying eggs to further notice. I have 2 pallets of eggs, right now in the cooler.
The stores were NOT instructed to destroy the eggs. Pull and hold. There is nothing wrong with the eggs (just the supplier), so I'm sure Target will attempt to donate them.
We got our egg shipment yesterday. That went straight to the compactor.

WTF, just because animals were treated inhumane shouldn't mean it should be thrown away, why not donate it to shelters or sell the rest and ditch the company. There should be activist group for companies that waste food when it could have been donated.
or destory the eggs if they are unsafe for people to eat.

They're not. The eggs are perfectly fine for consumption. Target pulled them from the shelves for the sake of appearances - they don't want to be seen as accepting Sparboe's treatment of those animals, and because McDonald's immediately dropped business with Sparboe, the news would be out so any guest walking in and seeing Sparboe Farms eggs on the shelves would raise an eyebrow.
Best thing would be to call the local food bank & tell 'em they're theirs if they pick 'em up ASAP. That way it falls to the recipient to ensure they're being transported in a temp-safe manner.
I would put them back on the shelf with the following sign. "These are the Sparboe eggs you have seen on TV. We no longer do buisness with Sparboe, BUT we have previously purchased these eggs so now we have to get rid of them. We could throw them in the dumpster OR you could buy them for $.99 a dozen, go home, and make your beautiful family a guilt free (because remember we bought them prior to any knowledge of Sparboe's deplorable conditions) omelet."

Do you think that would fit on a 7 X 11?
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I gotta hand it to spot for doing the right thing. I have seen videos on the mistreatment of animals and let me tell you it is not pretty. I am not a PETA supporter or anything like that but spot did the right thing.
So i read a workbench message that target is telling all its stores that carry's (carried) Sparboe Farms eggs that they are going to be destroyed via MIR today 11/23/2011. There should be a MIR for all of the pulled eggs today. Target has got various vendors and we should be recieving the new eggs between now and next week. Stores should have received the ok from the company that collects your trash compactor to put all the eggs in their compactor.

People are going to have fun throwing eggs in the compactor.

Did this tonight...took about 40 minutes to throw them out and break down boxes
There was a sigh of relief from our pfresh E because he had jumped the gun and dumped them before they got the message to do it.
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