Target switching to BCBS for health insurance.

Just came back on for seasonal. What's the prefix on the Blue plan? Curious what state it's under.
So it's a little confusing. Even though the back of the card says Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, the plan is under Alabama. Which makes sense, the card that was mailed came from their Birmingham office.
Had blood work done and a doctors appt. One was 33.50 the other around 86.000. Paid and just the other day got checks in with the above amounts back.
$45 for a generic albuterol inhaler, was $8 with UHC. Without going through insurance I can get it $10 cheaper.
doesn't that go through express scripts though? This is more of an express scripts vs Caremark thing. Some things will be more, some things will be less. I have some prescriptions that are cheaper under express scripts.