Archived Target trailer incident

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If this isn't a parallel to the direction this company is heading in, I don't know what is. :buba:
Can you imagine trying to throw that truck?
wow that cant be safe...loll watch this video...

if it doesnt work...go to and type in "target carts fail"... I definitely can see my ETL's calling the cart attendant for this...

LOD-- cart attendant come in please

CART ATTENDANT-- go for the cart attendant, can I help you find something?

LOD-- hey can you come to receiving to help out with some carts please?

CART ATTENDANT-- sure thing, im on my way

lmao ii wishhhh. our store needs some excitement loll
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“Anything you buy at Target is probably in the truck, 20 thousand pounds, plus the truck and trailer, probably about 40 thousand pounds [total].”


A Target spokesperson said the freight was headed from Willmar to their Fridley distribution center.

So it was a Sweep's truck??
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