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Jul 4, 2012
After working at Target for 3 years in many different areas, I have noticed that team members seem to look like the other team members in their work station, like the cliche high school cafeteria (jocks at one table, nerds at the other). I find it very amusing. Does this happen at your store too?
The breakdown:

Front end:
  • Attractive young women
  • Old, cranky retired women
  • Token Gay

  • Facially gifted early 20s men and women
  • Smattering of middle-aged but still decent looking women
  • Facially gifted male and female ETL

  • Facially gifted women
  • Token gay
  • Facially gifted female ETL

In-Stocks and Price Change
  • Average-looking late 20s women with kids

  • Dude-bros. Dude-bros everywhere.

Back Room
  • Average-looking men
  • Token straight woman, works in the cosmetics section
  • Token stud lesbian, works in the bulk area, unloads trucks

Flow team
  • The most unattractive group of the whole store, generally has B.O. problems.
  • 10/10 Would NOT bang.

Look familiar? Or is it just our store?
Definitely not a dude, definitely not a teeny bopper.

Sorry bout the gender mix up.
The age question was more based around the feeling of superficiality that came from the post (and yes, I do understand the humor part -- even liked the Electronics description).

But generic stereotypes never really hit many cords with me and the layout of my store is a bit different.
For example, the flow team is largely Hispanic men and women.
They run from very handsome and pretty to average but none could be called homely.
And I ask you to throw a 2400 piece truck in 90 degree heat and not have a bit of B.O.
Generally accurate about my store, but our HR is very "diversity" focused, so s/he makes a concerted effort to hire... less attractive people. I have nothing against it, hire the best people I say, but my store is a little "uglier" than most Targets in the area.

I am, of course, ridiculously good-looking.
Our whole store has an equal mix of good-lookers, skanks, overgrown skate rats, momma's boys, quiet/dangerous loners, hippy-dippy throw-backs, grey-hairs, suck-ups with a generous sprinkling of tats & piercings.
The overnight crew, however, has a few that look other-worldly (as in "not of this species/genus").
My backroom seems to be filled with Older (30+) ,strong as hell, women.

Not calling women weak.. But if you saw the ones I work with...
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Lol what kind of stores do you guys work at?

The last 3 years at my old store was 70% ex-cons/gang members on the rehabilitation program 30% "normal" people.
My backroom seems to be filled with Older (30+) ,strong as hell, women.

Not calling women weak.. But if you saw the ones I work with...

My backroom has amazons for light duty. Heavy stuff, Hercules boys do it all. I will do almost anything for them.
I had guests always the question..."DUDE you got some fine <expletive> in this place." Why should I contribute more to this craziness.

But from what I have seen...

Front End seems to be more female as of late. With CAs are almost always male.
Backroom/Flow equally staffed.
Softlines are usually more females. But when a guy works softlines, Why have do they always have them cover intimates.
Hardlines are usually more men.
front end - mostly young females except for the cart and photo guys
instocks/plano/pricing - mostly 30ish women
backroom - 25-35 year old guys
flow - old both male and female with a couple of youths to average it out
softlines - all female
hardlines - mostly male

Store is quite a bit older than it used it be. I would say the average age of the employees has to be 10 years older than say 4-5 years ago.
my store is really old, and has older team members which are mostly women. we have an ok amount of hot girls, but most girls are usually in soft lines and the front end. most of the dudes in flow, hard lines and CA are mostly younger around my age. our backroom has a few older ladies, and the dudes are 30+ besides me and another TM. but the guests that are women that come in are SUPER HOT
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