Archived Target's Forensic Lab... Anybody have any experience with it?

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Jun 16, 2011
Anybody have any idea or context about how professional they are?
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A. What makes you think any Joe Schmoe team member on The Break Room has experience with one of the Forensics Labs?
B. Even if someone here does know anything about them, do you think they're gonna post about it here?
C. I was gonna remove the content of your post for how identifiable it is, but don't care enough to since HQ already knows who you are apparently.
A.) I would like to have known anybody out there who heard anything on the grapevine about their abilities.
B.) They could have easily PM me.
C.) Thank you for pointing that out, I removed the information because it wasn't mine to give out. I will be informing my backup solution that they will be needed for doing it.
Internal Information. I suggest you partner with an ETL-AP, APBP, or someone from Investigations. If you lack the capability to do that, then you shouldn't have access to this information anyway.

Edit: After reading what I posted, that seemed a bit rude. Wasn't my intention. I ment that AP information is mostly on a need-to-know basis. If you are new to AP, then do one of the things I mentioned above, or check the training on workbench(it is located there). If you do not have access to those things, then anyone who tells you the information you are asking for, probably shouldn't be telling you.
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The guy who interviewed me for my current job. Worked about 2 years at the Target Forensic Lab. He know is at the FBI Lab.
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