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Mar 8, 2021
I applied to be a team lead at my store and I have been put in a trail run and have to come up with an audit routine for the OTC area. Any advice on an effective way to audit efficiently. I have some ideas out I would love an actual TL’s adice
Apr 24, 2020
Hey! I like to have my DBOs work their reshop, then scan outs while they are zoning (as long as they are current on the truck push). This helps get a better fill when they go to pull their OFO, since anything zeroed out will pull if it's in the back for some reason. A better fill from the OFO hopefully=an increase in sales. So you get a task complete, but also cause it to make you more efficient and drive sales. This is personally my preferred option.

Otherwise, I have also done a "super-zone calendar" kinda thing if you're short on time. For example, on Mondays, you super zone vitamins and regular zone everything else. Then you can scan outs in vitamins and know that you're getting an accurate scan. Then Tuesday, you super zone the meal replacements and regular zone everything else. You scan outs in the meal replacements section. Etc etc.

A few options there!
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Sep 27, 2014
I would give them a small goal first. Try to get them to do one for foot section a day at first. Or work along side them to help them get their work done. Set the pace. Could be a pace issue in terms of pushing. I know OTC is rough because of all the little boxes and what not. If 1f1s are massive it's likely it's due to auditing. Which will help in long run.
Feb 16, 2015
Set it up by aisle, Monday-Friday. Audit aisle RX1-5 on Monday, RX6-10 Tuesday, etc. order and number of the aisles isn’t important so long as the entire department is covered regularly, and you know what is supposed to be done so the team can be held accountable if they don’t do it (factor in other workload too). Break it up into workable chunks as well; Just because you say to audit all of RX1-5 doesn’t mean it’s doable if RX1-5 is a huge area. Look at your truck schedule as well. If you take a double or triple every Wednesday, for example, then maybe Wednesday has a lighter or non existent audit load.

Leave weekends for guests, that’s when you’ll see the most guest traffic and so that’s when you should scale back tasks to what absolutely needs to be done.