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I noticed on a newsletter in the breakroom that Spot will soon be extending TM discounts to domestic partners of TMs. It said to check under the TM discount section of eHR for more info but the only thing mentioned about domestic partners is about how it doesn't apply to them. Anyone in HR know anything about this? I'm obviously a little hesitant to ask anyone in HR at my store because honestly, I don't want them knowing anything about my personal life. I'm paranoid about the potential ramifications.
depending on your job, you may not have access to workbench, but you do have access to eHR and target's pay and benefit's website. The truth of the matter is that the Domestic Partner discount will start effective February 15th, 2012. I understand you concern about your wanting your DP status to remain anonymous, but I have to tell you that unfortunately if you decide to add your domestic partner to your benefits it will put you in the position that your HR could come to find out based on their access. The discount cards are sent to your HR, so when they give the discount card to you it might be possible for them to see it's a Domestic Partner discount card. Also, if you decide to add your Domestic Partner to any of your other benefits, your HR will also have access to finding that out, and in fact may be involved in the process to add them. I just wanted to give you the heads up so you are not caught off guard, best to you with this situation =)
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