Archived Temporary discount card ?

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Mar 30, 2012
I was curious about this. ive heard a few times team leaders arent supposed to have temporary discount cards. A TL at my store took a temporary discount card from HR to give to her spouse because he "lost" his card. Are we supposed to do this? It just seemed a little weird to me.
I don't know why TL couldn't have temp card.
If you lose your card they will assign you a temp card that is good for two weeks which is how long it takes for your new cards to come.
I've heard they aren't supposed to. My friend lost his (he's a Hardlines TL), and they didn't give him one. They did however tell him until the physical one comes in he could just tell the cashier his TM #. Doesn't make sense to me. I always thought just telling your TM # to the cashier to have them type it in was a last resort.
I think every store has their own way of handling this issue - I suggest ordering several - that way you will have one when you need it. We laminate them for our team members too so they last longer.
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