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Jan 9, 2014
So today I was "let go". I am writing this post because I just need to let off a little steam and don't mean to offend anyone in doing so. Lets get started.

This is, or should I say was my second time working at target. Back in 2007 I worked backroom day side in the same exact store. I ended up quitting on good terms to join the military. After six long years in the service I was medically retired due to injuries. I am in the process of getting my life back together and getting my butt into school, something I should have done awhile ago but I digress. So I decided to pick up where i left off and applied to target. I was rehired on as day side backroom just where I left off in under a weeks time. I was happy to be occupied again and looking forward to getting back into school.

However this time at target was very different. Not only had the backroom doubled in size after a store remodel but the very job description had changed. No big deal I thought its been 6 years change is to be expected. But it soon became apparent that the changes were not for the better. Of course as you very well know backroom day side is responsible for pulling items in order to maintain stock on the front end through automated CAF pulls. The problem being now we were not only responsible for our CAF pulls but also all the push to include left over from the trucks and instock research. At first this was fine but as Christmas time rolled around it became a task in and of itself just to make our pull goals. Seasonal help came in but for the life of us finding the time to train them and keep up was a task all to its own. Me being a retired sergeant and used to having to tackle loads of work within time constraints decided to speak to the higher ups namely or team lead and LOD's to see if we could get a hand with push. To my distaste it seemed that they cared very little about the rising situation and went for the (it will fix itself approach). Of course it did not by black Friday we were days behind on push sixteen or so flats worth on average. Now the LOD's seemed to all the sudden take notice. But to them it was our faults according to there expected labor projections we should have it all done. Thing is we did not only have to pull and push but also assist the sales floor during power hour, make bales clean up everyone's empty boxes, price change, check lane POG's. set up the line for the truck team and of course take all of our brakes on time.

Fast forward to just after Christmas, we are still playing catchup albeit much better than before but still behind. Then all of the sudden the hour cuts hit and they hit hard. Everyone is slashed, the store turns into a ghost town overnight. Now we are down to just three people for the whole day one opener one mid one close and expected to drop to two people. And guess what we got backed right back up again. Now once again its all our faults. I decided to get frank with our LOD's but in a professional manner of course (the Military didn't teach me nothing). Of course what I said they did not want to hear it wasn't the whole rainbows and sunshine they were used to. This went on for quite some time putting a target right on my head (pun intended).

So this whole story boils down to today. Well I guess yesterday is when the fuse was officially lit. We had a no call no show that mourning 8-4:30 shift Tim (will just call him that for now) goofed on his schedule. So the LOD called our real closer to come in with me 11-7:30. Problem being we would have no one to close and would have to be done by 7:30 instead of the regular 10:00PM. But by chance Tim came in and they let him stay to close that night in loo of missing his original shift. By this time we were already dealing with being backed up no research getting done in the mourning and not to mention left over push. And of course to make matters even better no one made a bale on the night shift and there was a cardboardaggedon(trademark?) going on. We slaved through the day making all of our pulls and tackling a lofty price change to boot. When I left that night there was around 15 pushes and one man to do them all and set up the line and make another bale. So I come into work this mourning 8-4:30 hoping instocks wouldn't be blasting the gun full of research so I could get some push done. But instead my team lead harkens me to a secluded back office to inform me I have been terminated. No real reason was given other than a couple lines about the truck line not being set up properly(I did not even set the line?) and I am not a good fit or something. I was one week away from 90 days.

Anyways that's my story if you made it this far kudos and thanks for lending me your ear. Now I want to leave off by saying I know full and well I am not the best person in the world I have my good days and bad days and put my pants on one leg at a time. But I feel a little used and abused all for trying to make the workplace a little better.

PS. I think I got into school for summer semester so at least there's that.
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Jun 10, 2011
Sorry to hear that.
It sure sounds like you were a little more honest with them than they wanted to hear.

I'm sure with your background you will do fine in finding another job.
Good luck and g-d bless.
Dec 9, 2013
wow. i am a backroom TL and as read thru that i kept thinking :"there's no way one person could get all that done" wow. kudos to you for hanging on for so long! don't beat yourself up. I have seen some pretty rough days but it sounds like your issue is an executive problem :( best of luck!


Thank you for your service to this country!

I think it's pretty fucked up how they screwed you over... Oh well those bastards will get their karma.


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Jun 9, 2011
So sorry for the crappy treatment you received.
Time & again spot fails to recognize the talent they're losing.
Doubly crappy that they did it to a service member.
Thanking you for serving (& living to tell about it).


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Jun 10, 2011
Thank you for your service to our country. I'm sorry you got screwed like that, and I wish you better luck in your future endeavors.
Dec 30, 2011
Wow, I'm sorry that you got screwed like that, but like it was stated before, they got you right before your 90 days - so they didn't have to start any paper trails. Did your TL or ETL ever jump in and help with pulls or push? From my personal experience (being switched from Pricing TL to EM Flow TL), I'm actually looked down upon from some "Leadership" (and I use that term loosely), because I WILL jump in and help push on the floor (as well as following up on the team and cleaning the floor), working side-by-side with TMs, pulling/pushing Autofills, and backstocking merchandise right along with the team, which in turn they respect me a hell of a lot more than former TLs that they had because all the others did was just walk around. Sounds like you did stick up for yourself, which again, speaking from experience, certain types of "Leaders" don't like because they want some people to be spineless and just be "Yes Men." I'm sure that with your experience in the military and work ethic, that you won't have much trouble finding another job. Good Luck.

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Oct 28, 2013
That's a bummer. Hopefully you find something better, quick. I'm desperately waiting for a phone call that will have me vacating Spot with the quickness.

As a Backroom TM I can't imagine having to PUSH during that time of year. The pulls we had yesterday might have been doable (push able) with the two people we had but I don't think they'll ever ask us to do such a thing. Knock on wood.


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Jun 17, 2011
Sorry dude.

If I was in that situation, I would now snitch on every TL or ETL in that store right now by calling the Hotline.

I too have been screwed by Target. One store leadership had great praises about me and how I had great TL potential. Then the next store leadership basically would nick pick everything even when worked hard and succeeded. And said anything I will ever do for Target will be ignored. And saw new hires come in get hired as TL or get promoted over me.
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Aug 19, 2013
Was your 6 years in active duty? If so, get back in school and get that sweet sweet GI Bill money. 100% tuition and books reimbursement + E5 BAH is not something to be passed up. If your medical injuries were sustained during duty, push for disability status and get some cash.

Target has gotten pretty insane with their expectations over the years. When I went back to Target 3 years ago, it started off similar to how I remember it but they kept piling on more and more and more. Backroom being required to push CAFs has completely screwed our process and I look forward to the day I can afford to quit. Hell, I've been considering finding a grocery store that can work with my availability so I can get the hell out sooner.


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Jan 22, 2013
Salesfloor at my store is responsible to run exfs, research, and auto caf's. Nothing like being one person on the floor with sales plans to do and 3 flats / tubs of rsch to run.

I'm pretty sure that best practice is for sales floor to run auto caf and exf, while instocks is to run rsch pulls.
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