Terms for termination? (longish post)


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Oct 29, 2017
Would over overriding a $900+ device to $0 be a good reason to term a ETL termination?

Just knowing that alone the answer would be duck yeah but listen to the circumstances!

The guest came in sent from another store for a contract phone promo (BOGO-free + $150 per line). Because the printer wasn’t working ,& im assuming other issues as well, it took them 2.5 hours to successfully do the first line but again the printer wasn’t working so then came the problem of issuing the gift card which added another 30mins(now shift change) because none of the LODs would approve to issue it manually. I Ended up coming in & fixing the printer, so now they have the barcode to get the first gift card without us doing it manually.

Great! Now time to do the second line, in which none of the previous 3 employees delt with explained how it would essentially be like buying a new device requiring a credit check and monthly payments that would then be credited through each monthly bill. Now she’s going on talking about “if i knew that i wouldn’t have done it” & she wouldn’t be able to submit to a credit check because she wouldn’t get approved or w/e & for “personal reasons” neither was her husband. She decided to just go ahead & give it try, but now I can’t get back into her account spend another 15-20mins calling our old marketsource manger trying to figure out why we couldn’t get it. Finally got intouch with the other store that sent the guest to us. Poblem solved were back in.
We continue on with credit check, then it fails because of an processing error. We try again from the beginning, being sure to confirm everything entered. Again, processing error. The guest gives in but, still wants the second half of the promotion she came for.

So now after being in our store for 4+hours, our new to target & super nice ETL agrees she should still be able to get both phones. He has us ring it out at full price & override it to $0, without confirming with AP before he actually did it.

Guest now happy she has both phones for the drive of 1 and doesn’t even mind leaving behind the second gift card because she lucked out on taxes and a credit check. 👍🙌🏽

APS not so happy. 🤬🤯

This particular ETL technically doesn’t work for our store anymore as of Monday, he just came back to close his final weekend with us and our STL is really down to earth & doesn’t get his undies in a buch often, but also our DMs are heavily involved with out store.


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Dec 9, 2017
What Hardlinesmaster said, but it sounds like a huge clusterfuck that wasn't the guest's fault, so I'm not entirely certain the ETL was in the wrong, from what you described.

Given how long it seems to take to get anyone a mobile phone at Target, I really don't know why they keep having these ridiculous promos, if it takes an entire day to process and the system fails 60 times along the way.


May 22, 2014
Did their payment go through? I would have just not sold the guest the phone if the "problem" had solely to do with their purchase. Seems like a shocker to some that we can choose what we sell, who we sell to, and at what quantity.