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  1. L

    Guest complained about me for being "rude"

    So today I was just in approached by a guest and her teenage daughter who were looking for the "lawn" section. The thing is my target doesn't have a specific section for that and it kind of ranges between two departments, so I told her that most of those items would be past our automotive...
  2. Calico Tapeworm

    I'm Lost! Guest Ready

    What is your store’s criteria for an area to be considered “guest ready”? How much time do you devote to it? Any ideas how to be more efficient when doing it?
  3. S

    Archived Help. Kinda scared

    Lol ok I started a few weeks ago and a guest called asking for an item and if there was a sale for it. I went to check and I saw the item and the price tag under it so I just assumed everything would be in the correct place (I don’t know why) turns out the item was in the wrong place and I...
  4. N

    Archived Has anyone ever experienced a crazy customer and had been freaked out for a long time?

    I started a month ago and finally opened by myself. Normally the mornings are filled with special needs and their helpers which is completely normal to me. But yesterday something completely terrifying happened to me and I have been shook ever since. A customer, with what me and my coworker...
  5. N

    Archived Tide

    Last year while pushing chemicals I had a guest come up behind me and ask "why do Eskimos wash their clothes in Tide?" "Not quite sure how to answer that", I replied. "Because it's too cold out Tide" he said. I smiled and laughed. He smiled and walked away. Wish more guests were like that. :)
  6. S

    Cursing in front of guests.

    One of my tms was in a particularly bad mood. (Childish bad mood) He was cursing out on the floor in front of guests. A mother and two small children walked by and he didn’t even try to lower his voice. I was mortified of course. I told him that if he was caught it would be immediate termination...
  7. S

    Archived What are your fitting room horror stories?

    Calling all sales floor/ soft lines members! what is the WORST fitting room event that has happened to you/someone you know? I’ll go first: I was taking hangers and clothes out of the fitting room when low and behold someone left their USED, DIRTY pad on the floor. I almost cried.
  8. starmaster1000

    Archived Open Availability: GSA (SEA) vs. GSTL (SEL)

    Once, in a galaxy far, far away, I was told GSTLs had to have open availability to be in that position, but their underpaid and powerless juniors, the GSAs, did not. Is this an ASANTS thing? How's it go at your store?
  9. C

    Archived guest complaints!

    Why does target always have empty shelves every week? That is literally the number one complaint every day! Every time we do accurate zone in every aisle and section we have to go to audit app after and then zero out the stuff in aisle after doing accurate zone. I don’t understand why shelves...
  10. NightStocker

    Archived Really Target?!

    So I have been reading the post on the Target Facebook page and its sad, so sad. These people are getting their online orders with games missing out of the cases, clothes ripped, missing parts, receiving used products etc...And not getting their guaranteed orders by Christmas like they were...
  11. HardlinesFour

    To That One Guest - II

    To help keep the forum optimized and running smoothly, we archived the previous thread and created a new one! Thanks to our Original Poster - @Hardlinesmaster for starting it! Previous Thread Link - To That One Guest I
  12. C

    Archived Has anyone ever gotten a negative customer satisfaction survey?

    I don't really want to go into detail about it... but does anyone know... I was just wondering if any of you know if it's possible to get fired over a negative customer survey, and how it would affect my store location?
  13. S

    Archived Terms for termination? (longish post)

    Would over overriding a $900+ device to $0 be a good reason to term a ETL termination? Just knowing that alone the answer would be duck yeah but listen to the circumstances! The guest came in sent from another store for a contract phone promo (BOGO-free + $150 per line). Because the printer...
  14. C

    Archived What does the GE ETL do?

  15. REDcardJJ

    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    A dedicated thread for sharing tips and tricks as a cashier, cart attendant, GSA, or service desk TM. Do your stores require guests to have government issued ID when they pick up myGo orders? Mine does (it's best practice anyway), but the other store in town does not so it's created a lot of...
  16. F

    Archived Guest Service Routines

    Hello everyone! I was wondering what are the daily routines for opening and closing at guest service?
  17. K

    Archived Does your GSA/GSTL call for backup when no one is even available

    Ours has a habit of doing that. Like, everyone is on a lane and the only HLTM is covering Electronics and fitting roof Is there some rulebook that tells them to scream over the walkie when literally only 2 guest are in line?
  18. F

    Archived How to go above and beyond your job

    So im a flow team member and on my review they said i would of gotten a better score of i did things that were above what im supposed to be doing. So with flow what are some things i can do beside improving my box speed
  19. BullseyeBabe

    Archived "New" focus on guest experience?

    My STL was excited after a conference call about big changes involving guest experience. Honestly, it sounded like more of the same to me. I think they want us to do even more price adjustments than we're doing but that's about it. Do any of you know of anything new that's happening?