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  1. N


    Hello everyone! Feel free to move this if it’s in the wrong place, but I was hoping there were some current APL/APTL’s (or anyone with the knowledge) on here who could help me out. I’m currently a police officer and have been for a couple of years. Prior to that I did AP for Target and two...
  2. APBobbybooshay

    ETL-AP position gone?

    ETL-AP positions gone? Looking at job posting and I’ve noticed that there are no longer any openings for ETL-AP nationwide. I know there’s been chatter of the position being phased out but I’m looking for facts. Anyone hear anything official about it? What’s going to happen to the current...
  3. A

    AP Leaders

    How is your relationship with your Group Business Partners of AP? Ours is destroying our Group store by store. Leaders quiting and being fired and discriminated out the door.
  4. V

    Should I take AP position?

    Hey so I was looking for some advice. I'm brand new to Target (1 month) however, I come from working at BestBuy for 6 years. Yesterday I ran into our APTL, and after telling him that I have experience as AP at Bestbuy, he seemed excited and asked me if I would like to apply for an open AP spot...
  5. very salty mocha

    Assets Protection Starbucks giftcard scams

    Hey guys, lately we’ve been having so many people coming to do the giftcard scam at my Starbucks and lately we’ve been getting a lot of people with stacks of $9 gift cards to cash out. Is there a limit to how many I can cash out? Gstl s won’t help since its SB cards. In California if that helps
  6. RandomTeamMember

    Buying Items You Put A Rewrap Ticket On?

    So yesterday I had printed a rewrap ticket for an item and it was such a good deal I decided to purchase it today. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but will I get in trouble for purchasing something I put a rewrap ticket on the next day? What are rules on that?
  7. Happy

    Assets Protection Age Requirement?

    Just curious if there's an age requirement to work in Assets Protection? I'm assuming 18?
  8. APS

    APS Introduction

    Hello! I’m an APS in Region 100. I have been with Target for a nearly 6 months. Figured I’d jump on this bandwagon. Any other AP team members in here? Is there a group just for AP?
  9. TallAPGuy

    Sales Floor NECA Target "Ambassador" Program

    TARGET Ambassador Program FAQ | - Bold emphasis by me. So, basically this company wants their fanboys to become super cheap vendor/merchandisers.
  10. B

    Assets Protection Plain Clothes ID

    When I worked AP/LP at past companies, we'd be given some form of ID (usually photo) we would use to identify ourselves during plain-clothed apprehensions. I haven't seen anything similar here at Target for APS or other non-uniformed AP personnel... Does such a thing exist?
  11. C

    Assets Protection Etl asked to give security code?

    So I havent heard of this but a store in my district had an incident this week. They were headed up to leave the store when a call came in. The etl picked it up and the person said they were security and needed the security code for the store. I have never heard of this was it a scam or something?
  12. B

    SAP# Spider Wrap Remover?

    Anyone now the part number for the two types that go at registers???
  13. C

    Who watches the cameras?? I've posted in a earlier thread I'm new at Target. I'm doing overnight logistics and I've been working with this one guy for the past couple of days. This guy..with absolutely no worries at all opens up chips..soda..candy and w.e else and eats it. So my question is there anyone watching...
  14. N

    A GSA’s dilemma: don’t know which route to take

    A couple days ago I was approached by our new AP Leader about joining the AP team as a Security Expert. He said the Store Director threw my name in as someone who would be a great fit. It also sounds like something I would really enjoy and would come with a minimal pay raise. I told my S&E...
  15. N

    Assets Protection What do store side TMs think about AP?

    What do all of the store side TMs think about AP? I’m a TPS and have been for a while now soon moving up to APTL. I feel like and maybe it’s just my store... TMs look at AP and treat AP one of two ways. One they see us as snitches or two they see us as normal TMs but they never really trust us...
  16. I

    Target Wallet?

    Hey everyone I had someone just a little bit ago before I left for break try to claim she paid for the items I scanning using the Target Wallet, though I did not scan any barcode on her phone. Just wondering if there is way to use it like ApplePay. I kept telling her that my register did not...
  17. RandomTeamMember

    Stalker at Target

    Yesterday we had an incident with some guy following girls around in our store and even followed one of our cashiers driving home... luckily nothing happened but now it’s gotten everyone here shook. Now they’re very adamant about people walking out at night with someone. Has anyone had...
  18. N

    Sticky Situation Regarding TPS Training

    So I've been training to be a TPS at Target for the last two weeks in hopes that I could work the job during my university which starts next week. However, I'm adding two more classes in order to graduate on time, giving me a 21 credit load that I'll need to focus on 100%. So I won't be able to...
  19. L

    Assets Protection New TPS with questions

    I started last Saturday as TPS and I have some questions relating to the position. 1. If I am the lone AP member, should I stay at door for the majority of the time or should I stay at door about half the time and do sweeps of the hot item areas? 2. Our store currently has no APS, how does...