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The Breakroom Memes


Former Team Member
Jun 17, 2011
Well its that annual time once again. Resurrecting the TM Prayer for the Day of Black for 2019 -

Blessed are the children of the Red and Khaki/Jeans. The Black Day of the Annual Apocolypse is upon us my children. The hoard of the evil and gluttonous will be ravaging the streets and markets for the superficial.

The sacrificial time of eating only turkey scraps and cold pies of pumpkin in return of hours of hard labor and public ridicule are here. Time of being with our familes will be stricken to none. Blessed are those that have to endure this torture and conduct this noble sacrafice. Be safe and I pray for your return to the Breakroom. AMEN


If all else fails....Purge the insanity. Baseball bats in Sporting Goods and knives in Kitchenwares and weapons of Level 4 or lower are now legal. The "Make It Right For The Guest" has been nullified.
the purge weapons.jpg