Archived The Gift Card Entertainment Mall?

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Sep 1, 2011
I received a gift card box a few days ago with some giftcards that are pegged. The only oddity is they go nowhere on my sidecaps. Looking further into the box I found an instruction list saying they go on some "Gift Card Entertainment Mall." Any ideas what this is? Is it something with the new Entertainment transition?
it started at a test but it ended up being very popular...we got that during our remodel and we lost the lifescapes fixture and those giftcards replace that.
Same here. Mix you style music moved to the lifescapes endcap and we set the gift cards where mix your style was. Now ofter the entertainment transition they are on an endcap near dvds and cds.
On our recent entertainment transition they added a pegged gift card endcap in MMB, it is located on the same aisle as our bluray DVD's. I know that it calls for pegged items but our plano TL decided to merchandise them on the tiered shelfs.
They sell really good since we got them. A Lot of people still don't know we carry them it seems to be a better idea to sell them in the front but I understand it would effect the sales of Target giftcards.
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