The last few days have been...great

Jan 8, 2021
Over the weekend and Monday, something happened at my store that hasn't happened in months. We had good days at work. There were enough people to do all of the important stuff, the trucks were manageable, and more people were smiling and relaxed. For a change, I was happy and positive the whole time. I'm secretly almost ready to leave this place and a few good days in a row isn't going to change that. We're still losing many of our best & brightest, the poor staffing is going to hit us hard on certain upcoming days, and I'm seeing no signs that the company is ready to loosen the screws on payroll. They could still change my mind of course, but it doesn't seem likely.

The difference between being in hell with too few people and too much work, and being properly staffed and able to manage the workcenter is night and day. I'm not sure there is any effective way to make Target care about that, since keeping the investors happy is more than a full time job and we come in at a far, lonely second place. But for whatever it's worth, simply having enough red blooded bodies to do all of the work without hurting ourselves physically and mentally, is all the difference in the world. Nearly all of our store's struggles are about efficiently managing time and people. We are great at doing the work. We struggle with the ever-increasing difficulty of turning the next fraction of a minute into dollars.

Having enough people feels long-term good, it feels "I love working for Target" good. I'm okay with occasional hell days, as those are unavoidable. But being out of hell for a few days in a row really shines a light on the daily hell we've been laboring in.