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The price is wrong?!

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by stormfront31181, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Not too long ago, I had a guest fast walk up to me while I was filling the cheese in dairy. She angry said to me that the ad was right that the kraft shredded cheese was two for five, and that it was ringing up for $2.49. I at first tried to comprehend how the cashier dropped the ball on this one and how the lady (late 30's, early 40's) didn't realize that the price was cheaper than the ad. (tpc) I tried to explain the price diff, but before I could say more that three words. She yelled NO YOURE TRYING TO CHEAT ME IT SAID IN THE AD THAT THE PRICE WAS TWO FOR FIVE I DEMAND THAT YOU CHANGE THE PRICE TO THE ADVERTISED PRICE! I just looked at her and tried not to smile while calmly saying , Miss I could reprice the item 2for5 or I could charge you 2.49 a piece for them which is two cents cheaper. She just stares at me and I swear I can see the gears turning! She quickly mutters a severly embarassed sorry, drops the cheeses down and hurries back up to the checkout. Luckily, I was able to make it back to the dry storage and labeling area (a etl once corrected me for calling it the preproom once) before soundly laughing my butt off at her expense.
  2. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing purveyor of things

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  3. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Mathmatically-challenged much...?
  4. I get that all the time at the register. People are crazy.
  5. Especially if it is a crazy, non-calculable sale such as 3 for $8. They stare at that $2.66 price forever.
  6. I actually had a guest in pharmacy INSIST I charge her the $5 once!!! (The story is posted here somewhere...) I finally stopped arguing with her and charged her $2.50@...
  7. Oh, and we actually had a guest today who insisted we didn't charge her ENOUGH for her Rxs! Her insurance changed 01/01 and I guess she has a pretty substantial deductible. I tried to explain to her that the amounts come straight from the insurance co, but she didn't believe me and made me rebill it "just to make sure". It came out the same price....like that 30 minutes was really going to have an impact on the cost :girl_sigh:
  8. OrangeFire

    OrangeFire That's what I tried to tell you.

    This one happened to me today. A guy was buying 3 bags of M&Ms, which were on sale 3 for $8. They rang up for 2.66 each. He was so convinced he wasn't getting the right price. I had to convince him that we was actually getting them for 2 cents cheaper than the price advertised.
  9. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    "Are you SMARTER than a 5th grader?"
    Apparently not....
  10. Had a girl bring a purse to the checklane the other day which was marked $24.99 with a sale price of 10% off. It blew her mind that the 10% off did NOT equal $5.00 off like she had figured! I know our public schools are bad in this area, but come on!
  11. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    My wife teaches math in an urban middle school.
    These are kids who have major disadvantages to start with and don't need any from the system and yet ...
    They just recently changed from the standard to the common core curriculum but there isn't any text books so my wife has had to make it up as she goes along.
    She's one of the good ones who has taken classes in how to write curriculum and even taught workshops on it.
    What about all the teachers who are just average folk trying to figure WTF the state was thinking when they switched this over before they had everything ready?
    Keep in mind the state test doesn't match so when the kids take it their results are going to be horrible and it's going to look like the teachers haven't been doing anything all year.
    If they pulled this dreck in one of the nice middle class school there would be a riot of helicopter parents with lattes flying every where but the parents in my wife's district have no idea just how bad their kids are getting screwed.
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  12. No one can figure out how much anything is if it's 70% off...sad.
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  13. Had a similar thing happen today. Mother gets mad at her daughter because she grabbed an extra 12pack of coke-cola. "It's 3 for 12, you grabbed an extra one why?!" Me: "Mam it's just 4 per 12pack you can still buy that fourth one for $4, you don't have to buy 3 to get them for 4/each."
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  14. Target does this. My local grocery story does this. But I think places like CVS or Walgreens actually work like that where you have to buy a certain amount to get that price.
  15. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing purveyor of things

    If we have a promotion like that, we don't call it X for $Y. We consider it a BOGO (i.e. buy two pairs of shoes, get a third pair half off).
  16. thetargetman

    thetargetman I am a Guest once again!

    I cant stand old bats like that!
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