The Process of LOA for Medical Leave


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Jul 31, 2017
Some time around April, May, or June I’ll be undergoing surgery. I’ve checked out past threads regarding this and I have a vague idea of what to do up to and including first contacting Hewitt/Target Leave and Disability with a HR TM and filling out important paperwork to document the case. I’ll be talking about this more with the HR TMs.

My question is what that whole process was like for any of you who have done a medical LOA? I get anxious at the idea of me/something messing up and I wound up either getting no paychecks or being let go when I’m supposed to be returning. Thanks in advance!
Jul 26, 2012
Process is super easy. Once you contact Reed Group (that’s who handles it through Target leaves and disabilities) with your surgery date they will send you a packet. Get that to the doctor ASAP before your surgery. They’ll need to fill it out and fax it the day of your surgery. They won’t accept it earlier because surgeries get delayed all the time. Depending on when Reed group receives the paperwork and when your pay cycle is there could be a delay in pay. So be prepared for that. Depending on how long you’ve been with the company depends on what your pay could be. When you call to talk to them before your surgery just ask them. They’ll tell you everything you are eligible for. Word of advice- build up vacation ahead of time. Say they only pay 75% of your pay you can request them to use vacation time and personal holiday to compensate for the other 25%. The biggest thing is just keeping Reed group and your store in the know on your progress and expected return date. Reed group may want doctor’s notes explaining if you need more time off or anything. Just have doctor’s office fax it to them. Once you get a date of return let your store know so they can bank some hours for you and then once you actually get released send Reed group the release and once you are keyed back in the system you’ll be good to go. You can go to your HR and ask any questions but my experience they can’t tell you much. They’ll either tell you to call Pay and Benefits yourself or maybe call with you in the office. Good luck with everything.