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Dec 14, 2011
First, please maintain the following question in a hypothetical frame. It is an informational query and is not a statement of actual wrongdoing. After posting the basic situation, I will re-post further details if needed but I would like to keep this as minimal as possible to minimize the risk of breaking anonymity.

Second, please assist me with facts, not judgements.

While throwing away trash into the compactor, an ETL discovers a box with several packages inside from which the products were obviously stollen. The sum total of the stollen items is slightly under $100. The box that the stollen items were found inside of was put in the trash area the night before, about 4-5 hours before close. This is known because the pick label on the box was for a product that was set the evening before. So, the theft can be reasonably assumed to have occurred in the last 4-5 hours of the previous night or in the first few hours of the currant day before the store opened.

The same box with all of the empty packages was sitting on the Pricing TL's desk two days later.

There is no way the security camera's saw the items removed from the location as there is no coverage at that angle. There is a PTZ? camera that would show the thief walking past the location while working throughout a shift, but no verifiable shot of removal.

There are two working cameras, one opposite the compactor across receiving that is pointed directly at the dump site and a second over the compactor door pointed across receiving at the first camera. This store still uses an older system that still records on tapes. The picture quality on the two camera's in receiving are not great but one could still identify a specific TM in the empty back room areas but not the product that was stollen as it was small and concealed when it was dumped.

My questions are:

1) what is the whole process between when the ETL discovered the dumped packages and it landing on the Pricing TL's desk?
2) is this something that the AP team would research to the point of rolling back the tapes?
3) what signs would become apparent if the TM who stole was identified and the information was shared with the STL/ETL's?
4) would anonymously returning the items, like dumping them in an area that they would be discovered easily, be helpful in any way?
5) Is there anything I can do to discover if this issue is escalating or if it was just recorded in the theft log and turned over to Pricing for count adjustment?

Again, I understand the desire to judge and post negative opinions but please assume that the TM has never committed any crime previous to this and this act was driven by a moment of spite and vengeance against our Corporate handlers, not because the TM has a pattern of flawed moral decisions.

Basically, the TM would like advice on how to go forward and what what not to do to exacerbate or call attention to themselves.
Okay, sorry, but I have to be judgmental. My income is dependent on this company being profitable.

Stealing is stealing, no matter what the misguided reasoning behind it. My advice is to go ahead and quit. Your every move will be monitored from now on and you will be looked at negatively even if they can't prove it.

"Basically, the TM would like advice on how to go forward and what what not to do to exacerbate or call attention to themselves."

Asking this community how to help you conceal your crime is just wrong.
That is stealing. That tm needs to be termed. Also, cameras are moved around all the time. Don't worry, ap will get you. My guess is, you did it. Now learn the price of a stupid decision, it will haunt you for years to come.
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I agree with everyone else. This is theft. We recently had a team lead who got termed for stealing so after his shift AP called the cops and he was promptly sent to jail and issued a trespassing warrant so he can never come to our Target again. If you steal from Target they can, and probably will, screw with the rest of your life.
We had an ETL get fired for stealing last year, and as far as I've heard, it is still preventing her from getting another job.
Banhammer the OP imo.... No we're not going to help you. Grats on sacrificing integrity for less than $100
Is this a real thread? I mean, I'm sure we all have our grievances with our jobs, but none of them justify theft. You steal, you deserve whatever punishment is headed your way. No sympathy, sorry.
The op maybe looking for honest answer, because of, his bad decision. So that, he doesnt have ask anyone in his store.
Ahh the ole hypothetical "If I did it".

Stealing is wrong in general. Why some people feel entitled to what isn't theirs is beyond me. Stealing from the 2nd leading chain in America, you just dug your job grave for the future. Nice!
Sounds like a guilty conscience to me.......... My suggestion would be to Terminate yourself, but AP might already be onto you. It's only a matter of time. And just some words of wisdom. If your going to try and remain anonymous as if you aren't the theif, don't make your screename "Scaredtm". Why are people so stupid?

That wasn't judgmental? was it?
OK, let me go with the 'my friend did it, it wasn't me', that way I'm not as likely to say something like;
'Are you a total fckng moron? Loose a job for a hundred bucks, what kind of idiocy is that?'
Your friend is pretty much boned.
AP has a pretty clear idea of what happened and even if the cameras didn't pick them up right at the drop off, they can back track.
I don't think they will call the cops, we has one of our cashiers arrested but it was for substantially more and the product didn't actually leave the building.
No, your friend won't ever be able to get another job with Target again.
Sorry, these boards are for asking and answering questions that aren't directly related to breaking company policy. Your "friend" stole merchandise, and Target has the premier AP team of the industry, so good luck to your "friend".

Topic closed, determining a disposition for the OP.
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