Archived TM scheduled 11-12 hour shifts?

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Sep 12, 2011
Is this a common thing? My Etl schedules tm's 11-12 hour shifts without any prior notice or even asking if it is any inconvience. I for one am a hard worker and never complained but until recently have never seen this done at target before, No this does not give anyone more hours... This is usually with being scheduled 1 or 2 days, target veterans please chime in.
Before anyone says this is a good thing etc, let me further explain. The next day your scheduled ot two will be 3 or 4 hour shifts only.
Wait, is the posted schedule saying they are getting a 11-12 hour shift, or is the ETL just verbally asking/telling the TMs that they need to work it? There are major problems with either scenario, but more details would help.
Thank you for the reply mule , no the tm's are not asked if they could work that long a shift nor is there any special event or anything ahead. When the new schedule is posted there will always be one 12 hour shift and a second or third shift or (EX 8-12, 5-9) .
I personally feel it is wrong unless you spoke to the tm ahead of time or their was a event coming up etc...
I'd totally work three 12 hour days a week then come in for a 4 hour day to get my paperwork done. 3 days off a week would be sweeeeeeet. :p
Your etl or hr did some bad edits on the schedule. I had a tm scheduled the other day for 12 hours. It was a mistake.
^ no mistake was done. This has been going on for a while and tm's are angry, confused and scared to speak up for the usual reason. (Retaliation).
Talk to your ETL>ETL-HR>STL>Hotline. There's a breakdown in how things are suppose to be done and someone along that line is breaking some rules, possibly even some laws depending on the state.
The only time I have seen someone scheduled for 12 hours is either for a major reset/planogram change + regular shift (ex. Christmas), or inventory + regular shift. Other than that, its ETLs asking TMs to help fill-in shifts due to call outs. I never seen schedules posted no more than 10 hours.
If this the SOP something is seriously wrong.
I can see the occasional long sift because of a call out or some such but never regularly scheduled.
I used to work for a company where we could work 4 10 hour days instead of the 5 8's and even then you had to sign an agreement.
Sounds like it's hotline time.
This is something that is not right. They need your permission to do anything over 8.5 hours. Retaliation may be a legit fear, but you need to ask your ETL-HR or STL why this is happening.
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Overworking people like that leads to stress, burnout & worker error which is why many states have limits on how long hourly employees are scheduled in a shift.
Yeh, the occasional emergency (or spot's "usual crisis conditions") can require extra time but to KNOWINGLY schedule someone consistantly sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.
The only TMs at my store that work longer than 8 hours on a regular basis are the Plano team. They do 10 hour overnight shifts 4 nights a week.
I would kill for 2-12 hour shifts a week, instead of my usual 6-4 hour shifts. I wouldn't feel like my day was so wasted.
ok, got a good laugh out of you store TM's on this topic. DC's run things different enough, I've been doing 3 12's for a while now, of course that's excluding any extra shifts I volunteer for.
*me gives a raspberry to Greenshirt*

If I was able to become enured to working a 12 hr shift & got 3 days on (& 4 days off), that would be SWEET!
Plus not having to deal with guests (bonus!).
^^ thread revival , and to this day this issue continues. Tm's are scheduled 10-11 hour days but the other day or two 4-5 hours.
Issue spoken about to hr and was told "stop complaining" atleast your getting hours.
update - Nothing has changed and the issue seems to have gotten worse. Now it is a steady 11 hour shift one day and two days of 4 hours.
Spoke with hr and was told i complain and be glad i have hours.
The issue is isolated to one dept and on three specific days which i am sure this is the reason it goes under the radar. But the tm's are getting fed up but afraid to deal with the issue as the hr could careless.
I would talk with your ETL and see what the reason is, if not any help there talk to the STL about the issue and see if they know why. TM's shouldn't be scheduled more that 8 working hours in a day unless approved by the Executive and also asked if the tm's can work these hours in advance. If you don't get anywhere I would make a hotline call as this is an issue, especially if you're in a state where it pays OT over 8 hours daily.
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