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Dec 9, 2011
if it it is really boring you at the front lanes try this ; give out all the c arts out that you can . this is going to drive the cart guys nuts keeping up with you. and those pesky ads can be handed out within the first 3 to 6 hours on sunday . Good hunting!
I have yet to see my store do this with our AP. Seems like a stupid move if you ask me.

We WERE told about the new directive, and how we're supposed to ask to help find something, get them a cart, wipe their ass, kiss their feet, steal their pocketbook. Whatever makes for more sales.
Our AP people give out carts whenever we don't have a cashier to do it. As a cart attendant, I hate it. It is so hard to keep up with carts now and when we get busy, we don't have enough carts to keep a nice flow going.
It is called the 3 c's:
1. Can you get cart for guest?
2. Cihyfs to the guest.
3. Can you tell the guest about the redcard credit or debit?
AP is supposed to spend 70% of the time at the front door anyway (per my DTL, our store is 80%), they may as well be putting carts in guests hands. It's not that big of a deal.
TPS job

I feel that this time of year the TPS should be at the front door because of the escalation of pushouts. If they ahve to give out a few carts and ads whats the big deal. A TPS is put into a uniform as a form of a deterant, what good does it do if he or she is sitting in the office looking at cameras.
Well then thats wrong........TPS are hired as a visible deterent and not as an APS or APL. There is no need for them to be in the office watching cameras unless they are on thier breaks or thier APTL/ETLAP has requested they watch cameras to assist them while they watch a subject from the floor. Maybe this is why they have initiated this stronger directive.
Our TPSs usually hang out at the front end, but sometimes they wander back to electronics.
As much as I try to be a visual deterrant near the doors, especially when we have a lot of guest traffic coming in and out of the store, but we have more of a problem with concealment than pushouts. So, this often means more time on the floor or watching cameras. I just can't wait for a recovery to walk right up to me with exposed merchandise.
Hmmm, we don't even have a TPS anymore, since the last guy quit and was never replaced. Our "greeter" cashier invariably gets pulled to get on a lane since there is always at least two NCNS or call-ins per shift.

Here's how it goes at our store:

GSA: Team we need at least three back-up cashiers
LOD: They're all doing pulls (or reshop, or they called in or NCNS also); have your greeter get on.

......and they never get off the lanes again. So much for the new directive! :laugh2:
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