Archived typical day of STL?

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Aug 12, 2012
i am a good worker and have gotten praise. But I know the STL is lurking around checking up on us.

is there a general routine the STL has every day? that way i know what to expect? :music2:
Do your job, first for level of understanding. Then, you will know the processes of spot & how your upper mgt works. It is suggested to search our threads on the various topics you have asked about, instead of creating new treads. Most of the questions you have, can be answered by your tl or going workbench at the store.
Your concerns on what to expect from the stl is to do your job, help guests & get red cards.
I agree,do your best and help others,both tms and guests as much as you can.Good luck,it seems that you are on you way.
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Um the STL is the store manager. They have a lot going on at any one time and there is no set routine for them to follow, if anything each one has their own personal routine.. I highly doubt they have time to "lurk around" you and conduct surveillance on your daily work. Stop effing around and do your job correctly and efficiently, driving sales and making the business run.
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