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UDC Rant Incoming

Discussion in 'Distribution Centers' started by Alduinsdemise, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. So, let's talk UDCs! How do YOUR inbound UDC trailers look? How well so they traverse your mezz? How do my fellow inbound TMs feel about working them?

    Ours you ask? We're averaging about 3 per shift, at least A2 is. They started off GREAT! I loved being able to throw 1200-1600 cartons in 45-90 minutes, when they're not jamming the hell out of the mezz. Half the time our OM is up top breaking jams to give the Depal POC a rest. They've brought ART to a standstill a time or two as well. That was short lived *cough*Suffolk*cough* Lemme paint you a picture...

    All non con built stable, labeled/pouched correctly, and on the tail.

    Conveyable built in walls and labeled on most conveyable side.

    Overpacks built lightest on top, heaviest on bottom. Single, readable label on top.

    Sure, there were occasional missing overpack labels (easy enough to LRP) or boxes labeled least conveyable, but nothing more than a minute or two of rework.

    Non con still on tail, but built haphazardly and more often than not missing labels. My PA is cluttered with UDC non con that was missing labels at the moment.

    Conveyable thrown where ever they want and usually 30+ cartons not labeled most conveyable or messed up to the point where I have to hand key the barcode for the reprint.

    Overpacks built however they want. And more often then not are crushed by heavier freight being on top of them. 2+ labels on top and even though one has been markered(barely) they still end up down breakpack more often than not.

    One truck last week even had like 80 cartons of misship! Of course we had no clue that they were until Depal hollered at us . They near had a shit fit with all that coming down the breakpack line

    Wtf happened guys? A few months into going live and your quality has done an entire 180. Are temps loading the trucks like at the RDCs? Do the UDC TMs just not give a fuck? I feel like this is how the store side TMs must feel about some of our trucks they get.
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  2. trowa03

    trowa03 Booze Barron

    I thought temps always worked the docks.
    No one gives a fuck. (shit rolls down hill)
    Yes store side TM's feel exactly like this
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  3. Not our inbound dept. Temps are ALWAYS throwing in ART. I wish they would put them on deselects on the dock. I hate working those things. I couldn't imagine working a consolidated on the dock. Talk about a 6hr trailer
  4. notfit05

    notfit05 Trainer/ clerical / inbound D.C. / om trainee

    Our udcs avg 2 a night in my building and are usually no problem at all excluding the occasional few boxes with bad or missing labels
  5. I'm guessing it's probably because of how much the UDC has ramped up. We used to get one per day and now there's anywhere from 3-7. They're probably getting pressured to put out numbers now that they're up and running...and we all know what that leads to.
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  6. notfit05

    notfit05 Trainer/ clerical / inbound D.C. / om trainee

    Our udc are not that bad normally, my only complaint is the belts on the fast flow lanes on the dock move to slow , there are no temps on our socks except for the occasional one to assist with a heavy flow trailer we bring the pallets of flow to them , they label and throw which allows us to work the trailers in a quicker pace .