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Had my orientation the other day for Wally World, and I've noticed a lot of things that (in my opinion) Target could improve upon.

Pay. Ok this is an obvious one, but at least in my job market, Walmart pays a lot more for their starting pay. Overnight compensation is very good as well.

Tm bonuses. Found out that associates can qualify for bonuses based on several individual metrics including sales and customer experience. Can add 300-400 into your paycheck quarterly. May not always get it (or ever at some stores I guess?) but it's nice to have something to work towards.

Sales floor coverage. First off, this store is comparable in sales volume to the AA super-t I worked at. Maybe even slightly less busy. I got to go to Wally worlds version of a huddle, and for only 930am there were a LOT of associates present for a weekday! There is a tm in almost every department, including sporting goods and shoes. Pretty much reminds me of when Target had specialists. Target (even my AA store) could be best described as DIY shopping lol.

Promoting within. One really big part of walmart culture that they indoctrinated us to was promoting within. They have you set up a profile (target rolled something similar for TLs recently), where you list areas you are interested in. Also you can take an assessment that determines your managerial readiness, and they tie it to your profile. When department manager positions open up they consider associates first.. My store had a lot of managers who started out at the bottom, including walmarts version of ETLs. I think the approximate number is 70% of managers started out as associates (for walmart as a company)

Also no childish vibe bs. They are very adultlike and real world about customer service. You don't have to "vibe", rofl.

There's a lot more, but don't feel like typin it up on this iPad at the moment lol.

Just writ this up in the hopes spot reads it. Who knows maybe they'll throw you guys a bone ;)
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Sep 22, 2012
Walmart does promote from within a lot. You have to be in really good with management. The issue with walmart is if you are doing a great job where you are at, they will keep you there. The management assesment comes in two parts. One if you want to be hourly, then there is another leadership assesment if you want to promote to a salaried position. There is a three tier grading system when you take the survey. Top tier candidates will always be considered first. After you take the assesment you will be given your strengths and opps. After the assesment is completed you will be locked in that tier for one year, or two depending on which assesment you take. You can't take the salareid assesment without succesful completion of the hourly one.
The metrics for your bonus are going to be pretty confusing. In order to qualify for the 400 dollar bonus you have to be at the "Super-Max" level. Even if you don't make it to that level something is better than nothing. Imerzan, if you have any questions about wally world PM me. I know the in's and out's of the entire structure. I can also help you with any information you need about things like the Telxon and so forth. :buba:
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