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Jul 31, 2013
We had recently gotten a new ETL-LOG who from the first week was running circles around every other ETL in our building. The guy is clearly legit and and has been running things like a professional. He has tons of professional work experience and degrees.

I was pretty sure he would quit and move on to something else once he realized what "executive" means at Target....

Well, I was half right. This morning at the huddle they announced that he would be leaving our store at the end of the month because he was just signed off as an HR business partner.

Pretty damn impressive having only been with company for a month himself.

Though, I am starting to suspect that they hired him knowing full well they would offer him something else. He had way too much experience and education to be an ETL working with other ETLs who basically had zero work experience and crappy education in comparison.

I have to say, I am going to miss him and some TMs at the huddle were genuinely upset about it. He is the first ETL I can remember that came in on day one treating *every* TM with the same kind of respect he shows even the STL. He was also the first ETL I can remember in a long time who actually clearly knows his job and cares about doing it well instead of hanging out in clerical.

Speaking of which, I think my favorite thing about him is the fact he doesn't do that sh**. I can tell that it legitimately bothers him that the other ETLs piss off 2-4 hours daily hanging out in their offices playing on the computer or hanging out at Starbucks. I have never seen him participate in that behavior.... not even for a minute.


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Jun 10, 2011
On the one hand I have to admit from reading your original post I didn't think he would be sticking around that long.
On the other hand I can only hope that he will prove to be one of the good ones at his next level too.
We need people at the higher levels who will stand up for the people in the trenches.
Sorry you're losing a decent boss though.



Let us know when he promotes the hard working and deserving individuals to full time position status with benefits.

Let us know when he finds a way to sway the corporation from greed and corruption while bringing more payroll and higher wages to the hardest working part time team members who do all the required work that makes the store successful.

And finally, do not forget to let us know when he jumps ship, as you predict, while leaving the 'peons' to fend for themselves as sheep in the midst of wolves with no hope of a prospering society as ours is rapidly declining.

Occupy target.

HAHAHAHA - Now he's off to contribute nothing to the corporation as he'll be far away from what really makes a store successful.

Human Resources is a giant joke considering what they are paid. Recruiting, disciplinary actions, facilitating team meetings, and pressured to create conditions for increased performance (which you can't do if you're not in the store). His days will be spent doing exactly what you said he avoided, clerical work. A job your average high school graduate can do and the majority of what uneducated "receptionists and secretaries" do for companies. The only reason it appeals to him is because of the giant salary that is only possible by making sure those who are making a difference on the bottom, in the stores, get paid next to nothing while creating the high turn over rate so wages can stay at the minimum possible.

This is no different than paying lab technicians a bottom pit salary in our hospitals who conduct the blood tests because the science is already worked out before hand and now there's nothing but a due process procedure while the hospital itself charges patients an arm and a leg in the final bill.

It's hilarious that I was right on the money. He achieved nothing worthy in his status of some grand master you paint out to be as he jumps ship as quickly as he could. Like I said, he didn't care about the real problems that need to be handled which is exactly the type of people the target corporation wants to hire as they continue grinding this country into the pits of destitution.

United States income inequality is now higher than ancient Rome.

"Over the last 30 years, wealth in the United States has been steadily concentrating in the upper economic echelons. Whereas the top 1 percent used to control a little over 30 percent of the wealth, they now control 40 percent." "In total, Schiedel and Friesen figure the elite orders and other wealthy made up about 1.5 percent of the 70 million inhabitants the empire claimed at its peak. Together, they controlled around 20 percent of the wealth."

By the way, since I didn't care to respond to your petty insults in your first thread, I make more than target team leads now in my current position while having weekends off and a much bigger bonus. Have fun continuing to berate, harass, and intimidate the little part time slaves acting all high and mighty over them for the rest of your life while having to constantly worry about "green scores, red cards, and the vibe."

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Jun 11, 2011
That is awesome for the ETL! He is obviously very talented to have promoted from ETL-LOG to HRBP in a few months (and that only being his first position with Target). More importantly, he obviously has a very strong sense of team leadership, because he obtained such strong buy-in from the entire team so quickly! It takes someone who can plan very strategically to on-board themselves into a culture like that! A DTL and HRBP who are strong leaders and care about their stores and district can make a serious difference. They status with the STLs and ETL-HRs in their districts and recruit/manage them so they are the leaders that reflect them best! It will be interesting to see what he can accomplish at the district leadership level, and the changes you will see in your store!


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Sep 21, 2013
It's pretty sad how so many ETL's can be pretty lazy.
Congratulations to your boss though.
Apr 27, 2012
It's pretty sad how so many ETL's can be pretty lazy.
Congratulations to your boss though.

I hate hearing about lazy ETL's. I've encountered my first truly lazy (but can talk out of any situation) ETL in four years with the company. It's so frustrating!
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