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Jun 15, 2011
Just finished up my last shift... Kinda weird punching out for the last time and using my discount card for the last time, but, I am on to bigger and better things!!!

Look out tech support industry here I come!!!!! :)
good luck, My discount card was good for a couple days after I left. I think it took that long to key me out.
please keep in touch - it's nice to hear there is life after bullseye. I'm very happy for you!
Lunch time on my first day... Trying not to fall asleep, but, this first overnight may be the death of me. My body is way to used to waking up at 4 not being up 'til then.

Better get used to it though, this place is only O/N.

Just found out that it is pretty much expected that you will be making 16/hr in a year if your good!
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