Archived What do you have to do to be an undercover AP?

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You'd have to show a lot of aptitude for the position, and most likely can't have held a TM position at the store in question... TPS is a good entry level AP position to get your foot in the door... I've seen our diferent TPS advance to stuff like Sr.TPS, IS, and so forth ;)

You most likely will have to switch stores, when I interviewed for TPS, I did really well on my interview, but they didn't want to place me at our store, but said they could set me up at a different store.

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Oct 7, 2011
I would be more willing to answer your question, if you had put a little more detail into it.

Here is a job description..

Edit, the last one I posted was for a regional investigator job...

Assets Protection & Target Protection Specialist -
Phoenix, AZ

Assets Protection Specialist

Aggressively address all issues of safeness, theft and fraud to deliver a fast, fun and friendly experience for our guests

Use systems to help monitor fraudulent activity

Respond to crisis situations

Support store safety and the reduction of merchandise shortage

Build strong partnerships with law enforcement and community agencies

And more

Target Protection Specialist

Aggressively address all issues of safeness, theft and fraud to deliver a fast, fun and friendly experience for our guests and team members

Create a safe environment for our guests and team members

Prevent loss of merchandise through receipt checks and alarm responses

Gather, retain and communicate safeness, theft and fraud issues

Maintain a professional appearance and presence

Ensure security systems are working properly

And more REQUIREMENTS We’re looking for:

High school graduate or equivalent

18 years of age or older

Two years of investigation and/or retail experience

Good communication and interpersonal skills

See the rewards:

Target merchandise discount

Competitive pay

Flexible scheduling

See Yourself At Target: Employing more than 270,000 team members in 47 states, we value creativity, diversity and collaboration in all its forms. From stocking our stores’ shelves with fantastic products at great prices to a deep commitment to community giving, Target strives for excellence in every way.
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Feb 1, 2012
Like score very low on a "Real" Police exam --

Like having flat feet and not enlisting in the real military for MP training --

Like the FBI and CIA have even higher standers --

On the contrary alot of TPS I have met are people who have enlisted in the military and are not on duty at the moment.

Also Ex-police officers.
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Jun 18, 2011
Yep -- ex-cop either retired - or on limited job related disability - and allowed to earn up to a certain amount

Military - either retired / not activated or whatever

Its the Wyatt Earp's

What cracks me up is the --- "I'm gonna join "Special Forces" or the police academy --- but for now I'll stand here "Pretending to buy socks - while I eye-ball that dazzling young urbanite - stuffing underwear down his 10 sizes to big pants" --- yep great pre-training for hanging out of a helicopter and cutting people in half

Why didn't I think of that
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