What is the minimum #of days/hours you have to work to remain employed?

Jan 10, 2019
Ok so I started as a seasonal cashier this past November. I was kept on after January. I originally only applied as a way to make extra money for xmas but once xmas was over I was really hoping to be kept on, and i was. I really enjoy my job and get along well with everyone. Im assuming I'm still coded as seasonal because when i was hired I was told their seasonal period can last up to 160 days.

Here's the problem. During the late spring and summer months (May, June, July, August and September) I work for a local small business franchise called Kona Ice. It's a mobile business and I'm 1 of the drivers. I work most days, hours vary but mostly always weekends. I usually work a lot of week night evenings driving around neighborhoods. Some weeks, especially during fairs, carnivals or other weekend long festivals, I can work up to 50 hours a week. I love this job and am very close to the husband and wife who own this business. My 1st priority is this job but
I'd like to stay on at Target. However my availability will have to greatly decrease.

Does anyone know if it's possible to work just 1 or 2 days a month just to remain on payroll until October when I'm able to give them full availability again? I was told by a co worker, who has recently returned from maternity leave, that this is an option? I know i don't qualify for a LOA but I just want to know what I'm up against before I approach someone in HR. I asked my Store manager and she had no clue but told me as long as I put in a 2 week notice in April and leave on good terms they would more than likely rehire me again during the big seasonal hiring event in the fall. And that's an option however will they keep me past Christmas every year knowing that I'll be leaving again in May? I have no doubt I could get rehired but I'd like to remain an employee until May of each year.
I just want to know if there are any other options for me before I go and talk to HR.
Thanks for any help.

Humble TL

Timers Please!
Apr 30, 2017
Talk to your HR. This is ASANTS situation. They might accommodate you if it suits business need.
Sep 28, 2016
There are a bunch of college-aged kids at my store who only work a few weeks a year when home from college on breaks. I don't know how it works on the HR end but it is possible. One I know specifically only works weekends from BTS until January and has been for at least the past 3 years.