Archived What's best practice when putting signs for kids books and bikes?

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Jun 15, 2011
So I'm new to sign setup and as I was putting up signs for bikes and kids books and was confused as how I should set them.

If I were to put up the kids book signs they wood be hidden behind the other books except for the front rows. So I didn't even bother putting them up. My only option was to use the black cd sign holders but wasn't sure if that was best practice.

Now when it came to the bikes, some bikes have those plasctic pocket to put signs but many either didn't have a pocket or it was facing the opposite direction of where guest can see them.

How would I go about this?
For kids' books I usually put up the signs as usual, even if they are covered by the book in front. Sometimes when I have an entire section of books (like the step-into-reading ones) I will make up a 7x11, though that may require some quite literal cutting and pasting.

Bikes are trickier though, because if you put the signs on the shelf they get separated from their corresponding bikes rather quickly, but if you put it on the bike you will need to make sure that they are constantly being re-printed. I'm not sure, but I think that sign upkeep should fall under the responsibilities of your bike builder.
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