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Softlines TM
Sep 30, 2011
In two weeks, I am scheduled to work a sixteen hour shift on a saturday. 8am to 5pm as operator, 5pm to midnight in softlines. The longest shift I have worked in my two months at targets was seven hours - so, sixteen is quite a sudden jump. I am not scheduled for anything monday through friday (which is out of the norm), so I hoping to trade that saturday closing with one on a weekday. Is this even possible? If so, do I talk to one of my team leaders, or the softlines etl, or just any old lod?
Someone made an error. Talk to your tl, etl sl or hr without delay. Any of those folks, can fix it.
Haha similar thing happened to my tm. She was scheduled for 20 hours in Softlines for the adj. She came to me and hr it was a typo they shortened the shift but made sure she kept the same total hours they gave her they added another sl shift and added a few hours onto a different shift.
HR definitely just made a mistake. It happens more than you think, but usually someone will catch it before you see it. Talk to HR about it and they'll fix it for you (or likely allow you to work it if you want to.)
In my store HR gets the schedule first when it drops, it goes out for each department to make changes they want, and then it goes back to HR for a final review.
At my store our HR team is the ones in charge of all scheduling, changing, etc. It doesn't get touched by any other departments ETL's or TL's for the most part (except LOG does a bunch of their own edits)

Talk to one of your HR team members, or the ETL:HR, ASAP so they can get that fixed, it should NOT fall on you to get covered as it should never ever have been able to fall through into the schedule. The most you can get scheduled a shift is 8.5 hours (unless you choose to work more and on some specific circumstances)

Anyhow, get ahold of your HR team ASAP, if you aren't going to see them in the morning because you don't work CALL THE STORE!
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