Archived Who sets Softlines adjacencies at your store?

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Dec 26, 2011
I have heard a couple of different answers from different target store team members.
At my store its typically one TL and anywhere from 1-3 TMs (who are specialists of some sort) depending on what department will be getting set up.
I have been part of adjacencies since I was hired and as much as I love doing adjacencies (I try to challenge myself on time and moves) the overnight part is messing with my horrible sleep routine. The hard work goes unnoticed and the dollar extra doesn't do anything to my paycheck.
I'm considering changing my availability but I'm not sure how it will affect my other team members. I was never asked to do adjacencies, it just showed up on my schedule one day and so I've been rolling with the punches since.
Our softlines team sets the adjacencies with support from others when they get big or the entire softlines pad resets.
Usually the softline's TL and the few brand TMs will set the adjacency and the tables/convertibles planograms. If the workload is big for that week, one or two softline trained presentation team members will help out too.
myself and the other softlines team leader with support from our merchandising brand team members if needed.
I set all of the adjacencies by myself as the SLTL at my store. My partner is a SR and never has time to do anything except set a few POGs outside of being LOD, and we have no hours to schedule TMs.
In our store, the SL team leads set them. The SL brand team members will set POGS or transitions. We've just started a new practice that has gotten us to set transitions about a week ahead of schedule. So on the weeks of adjacencies, the leads and the brand team members can help if needed. On weeks when the entire SL area is having big sets, (i.e. basics, denim, baby care and intimates transitions all at once along with some adjacencies), the presentation team will help out as well. If possible, the leads revamp their normal schedule for the week to work days in order to get the floor moves done. Nothing is done overnight anymore.
Im a sltl and i set the pogs the week before and on either the Sunday or Monday a small crew and myself will set the adj. signing and everything is complete by Wednesday morning. I'm training more of my team to know it so at least 50% of my team will know presentation and adj by summer. Knowledge is power right?
Thanks guys for the replies!
I wish we could find a way to do adjacencies in the daytime. I love doing them, but the overnight messes me up big time. And youre correct, knowledge is power. It's the reason why I've been open to adjacencies, remodeling and other stuff outside of softlines. I just hope it goes noticed one day and maybe I'll be in a department I like more!
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