Why are they starting deals so early?

Nov 9, 2014
The demand is already there. This is a way to spread out the "savings" over the whole of the holiday season without creating a single day demand for it.

It's also a quantity grab. Stores have a limitation on how many of one item they can store until BF, so if you stagger and spread that sale out over several weeks. You can restock and ultimately sell more. The price fluctuates, allowing more potential profit.
Apr 10, 2020
If it’s on the Friday add then it wouldn’t be set yet until Wednesday night after close no shortage there . if It’s the 4 day add or weekly add make some money. no shortage by selling

We had to set some of the 2 day stuff early because it started to roll into SFS batches on Sunday. Oh well...


reshop till I drop
Apr 17, 2019
So the.kiddos can drag the $10.00 4ft teddy bears around the store and leave them everywhere.

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I'm honestly fine with the bears 🐻. Beats the half-eaten food and gooey gel balls any day.

Remember the year we had the cool stuffed toys like sharks and dragons? I loved finding them in odd places lol.
Sep 25, 2017
Spreading things out to avoid crowds is a good thing.
And I don't see shortages at my store - end caps are full and so is the back room. Pallets of small appliances at the end of back room aisles, toys back stocked even on the tippy top shelves. All the amplified gifting gewgaws stacked to the gills. Stacks of the special toys like those tiny Mercedes Benz cars on the floor. We're getting a truck every day lately (not the norm for my store) and two doubles next week (definitely not the norm).