1. TargetsDaddy

    Target to offer huge discounts to make space

    What in your opinion should Target try to get rid of first to make more space in the backroom? My first thought. Coolers! Please go away.
  2. boringClerk03

    Are your stores meeting sales goals so far this year?

    I just got back to Target after working in HR for a few months because the new store I'm at pays a little better than the job I had (figures). The district is in a competitive area. But it seems like sales are going back down or returning to how they were before COVID. We have not met...
  3. S

    How much did your store comp 2021?

    Since 4th quarter has been over for a bit, I'm curious to know how you guys comp last year for 2021. We did 14%. Not the greatest but we did better than most store in the district.
  4. T

    whas a slow day at your store? say volume level too.

    WE're lw volme and did 55k today.
  5. S


    We haven't made forecast in weeks. How is everyone else's sales doing?
  6. T

    Why are they starting deals so early?

    Demand is already high. This is just gonna cause shortages,
  7. N

    Tips to improve NPS?

    Was browsing this one, couple good tips in here. From that thread: Circle or highlight the survey thingy at the bottom of receipt (suggested from old thread) When a guest compliments a TM, direct them to the survey (also from old thread)...
  8. T

    Very odd we're under plan a lot

    with the so called surge in demand.
  9. T

    Is plan or forecast more important of a metric?

    Its good to know.
  10. T

    are plan and forecast the same?

  11. R

    Looking at other stores

    Is there still a way for a tm to look at other stores sales on the pc or mydevice?
  12. Eazzy93

    Archived How much does your store make on average a day.

    Mine does pretty close to 80k on a bad day up to 100k a day . Average in the 90's . I work consumables we average 20 to 30 k a day .
  13. Planosss enraged

    Archived Is your store making sales?

    My store hasn’t made sales in about 2 months. We are about $1.7 Million below our goal so far this year. Just wondering if other stores are making sales goals.
  14. qmosqueen

    Archived March 14 2019 flash sale

    SFS are you ready for this ??? Spring Fever Flash Sale on (March 14th from 10AM – 2PM CST ONLY) Target shoppers, GET READY! Starting March 14th at 10AM CST until 2PM CST, will be hosting a Spring Fever Flash Sale – online only! It remains to be seen what the deals will...
  15. beachlover130

    What in your opinion is the worst thing Target has ever sold?

    Whether it be something completely unfashionable or something you knew would be a dud as soon as you saw it...
  16. N

    Archived A-AAA level stores?

    Hi guys: How many % of target stores are roughly A-AAA level? what about % of ULV? which locations tend to do better?
  17. U

    Archived Questions I don't know the answer to

    How is July 1 - 7 considered week 5 of June?
  18. busyzoningtoys

    Archived It’s almost summertime, which means...

    Beer pong endcap! Anyone else do these? They’re always a hit at my store, we’ll do some cases of beer and red plastic cups on the base deck, then above that are 6ft folding tables, and on peghooks above that are the 6 pack and big pack ping pong balls. Last year, I put a “back to college” ISM...
  19. T

    Archived Is your department comping?

    Specifically to Beauty, electronics, food, and A&A, are you comping (doing more in sales this year than last) or not? If so by what percent? I am trying to gage how well my store is doing with all of the new selling techniques.
  20. M

    Archived Our store leaders are giving us impossible sales goals and nobody seems to notice.

    So during our Tuesday night huddle our LoD and a few other leaders were checking to see if we knew our sales in our area for the previous day and then asked if we knew what the day's goal was. Apparently each day, the goal in our department is 10% more than the previous day. So on Sunday, I'm...