Archived Why don't Target use HotSchedules?

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Feb 17, 2012
We used that site at my first job, but I am not too sure if its commonly used more by restaurants. Anyways why don't Target use this instead of ehR? You could trade and request shifts a lot easier.
Is it simple?

Is it easy to use?

Is it a good idea?

Does it make sense?

If you answered yes to any of these...
Is the cleaning crew that target outsources its janitor work to target brand? huh? Oh yeah, companies can use outside sources!

I predict Target will get even cheaper and turn Backroom/Flow into a full blown cleaning crew! :D Hey....I've witnessed Flow TM's being ordered to clean up during walk through days. Just a matter of time before you'll have to bowl your aisle AND buff it!
yeah once I learned of the hypocrisy and bs of management, I had no trouble saying no to things like applying ice melt or shoveling snow. I'd probably decline cleaning requests too lol.
...until they start including it in core roles.
Coming soon....AE2013?
well the mayans didn't predict "the end of the world."

It's more of the end of an era....and a new era begins...

The era of ae2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*runs screaming into the night*
*then returns & gets a beer from HLM*
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