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How do i get my wrk email for phone discount ?

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Only certain job codes (positions) can have an email address. You get an email address if you're an:
ETL, TL, GSA, APS, receiving, PA(?), HR team member, an a few others i think I might be missing.

regular team members typically don't need them, so they don't have access to target email.
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Check for an alternative method of employment verification. Most carriers will allow you to send in a recent paystub if you don't have an email.
Just print off a paystub, go into a retail store operated by your phone carrier and ask for the Target Employee discount. They will use your paystub for employment verification and they will use your regular home email for email verification.

A few things to be aware of:
- The salesperson might not be able to find the discount right away (I had to insist she double-check after I was told it didn't exist)
- Not all phone plans are eligible. After I signed up in the store, I got an email telling me that my current Sprint plan is not eligible for discounts.
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