Work "relationships"?

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Jun 25, 2013
Hi everyone! I've lurked for a while but this is actually my first post haha.

Anyhow I have a question. How against the rules are relationships with other TMs? I've heard at least 4 different answers about it. I work in starbucks, with a TM who's extremely lazy and unprofessional. She's come to work drunk on two occasions, half of the time she tells her friends to come in and when they do she gives them free drinks and does nothing, just sits and chats. She goes off to get milk or things from the backroom and every single time she disappears for about an hour. After she got coached for calling off so much she now comes in and purposely fakes sick to get sent home which screws whoever she's working with over because we're lucky to even have 2 people during a shift. Everyone hates working with her and she's even gone to our TL and cried about how we all bully her and etc.
Enough ranting, though, this TM has hooked up with several other TMs in our store. Her most recent venture is with a TL who is married/engaged/at LEAST in a relationship and he has a son. Is anything about this against the rules? The whole store knows about it because she can't keep her mouth shut and we all see him drooling or going out of his way to come over to starbucks when she's working. Last month her guy of choice was one of the GSA's and when he was asked about it his exact words were "well, it's not encouraged but there's really nothing they can do" but this is coming from a guy who's 24 and single.
What do you guys think?
Not open for further replies.