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    Archived p fresh and backroom issue with new STL.

    At my store the back room is responsible for backstock. PAs should be keeping the floor full and clean. Make a list of all the important stuff that isn't getting done, team up with your CTL and diplomatically make the best case you can to your STL. If you don't make waves about this no one else...
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    Archived Any other stores fudging numbers?

    I love your attitude. Your post was hilarious and Informationally Value Added. Please take a kind warning from a friend: Things will not always be going so well. I see in your post a reflection of the attitude I used to have. I felt in control, and vibe-tastic about pfresh. But the support...
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    Archived Pfresh Workload almost impossible with these hours

    Why did you say "almost impossible?" IT IS impossible.
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    Archived To make it easier for everyone else

    That is not your job. That is all.
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    Archived Anticipating a too-small raise - anything that can be done?

    I have already done that. I have one of the positions you listed. I'm not asking about how to get more money based on my performance in the future. I'm talking about my review for this past year. I want to know how to possibly dispute the amount of my raise if it is not reasonable.
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    Archived Anticipating a too-small raise - anything that can be done?

    I haven't gotten my review yet, but in the unlikely case that my raise is pathetically small (LOL!), what steps can a TM take? Doing nothing is not an option.
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    Archived no market coverage...

    Remember, food comes first!
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    Archived Where the budget for rewarding team members went..

    Why get upset over the lack of snacks and small rewards? They were never a substitute for a decent hourly wage. That is the real problem.
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    Archived Strange TM behavior

    Not sure why this would be tolerated, simply for the sake of time. He is spending company time on a project that is not brand, that does not contribute directly to sales. It's would be squashed at my store faster than you can say "backup cashiers."
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    Archived incident went on and I feel that they took their side.

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    I have experienced every last detail of what you just wrote, and it have two words for you: STOP ZONING. it isn't your responsibility. You need to take everything in that post and sit down with your STL and explain it to them. Best practice says that zoning dry market is flow teams...
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    Archived From the file: ARE you kidding me....

    If that is the worst thing your DTL has for you, then he is obviously grasping at straws. Just nod and tell him you'll get right on it, and then go on with reality.
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    Amen, amen, AMEN!!! Preach it!!! He speaks the truth! Seriously, how does target think they can be on the fresh food business with such pathetically understaffed stores? It is unrealistic and unreasonable.
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    Archived You know you've been at Target too long...

    ... When you are putting grey dots on the shelf at home.
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    Archived TL Cliques at your stores?

    That was pure poetry. I shed a single tear of joy on reading that. Just perfect.