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    Archived Does the Target 'Walk of Shame' actually exist? Many say YES,

    AP office at the store I worked at was less than 50 feet from the front door, and along the same wall. Serious AP activities always happened in the AP office. So if there were to be any handcuff parading at our store, it'd be blantantly obvious.
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    Archived Phrases heard over the Walkie

    This one salesfloor TM would call to the backroom to a particular couple of Backroom TMs and would say "Stray on aisle D33" or whatever the aisle was. For those Backroom TMs, it was suddenly time to push a CAF (for some unholy god forsaken reason the Backroom was responsible for pushing CAF at...
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    Archived The Costco Craze - If you ever wonder why TMs make less

    Honestly, I don't think the high level executives at corporate give a flying holy fuck about any of that. They're raking in hugely fat and grotesque stacks of cash and piles of options, and they know that even for as low as Target's gone, they're not going anywhere, so they're pockets are just...
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    Archived Why do people open packages?

    They already do it now with vacuums and small appliances. If they already do it with these expensive electronic gadgets, they'll have absolutely zero qualms about anything else.
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    Archived Be honest, do you hate working at Target?

    I liked it just fine for the first 4 years, having been lucky with the ETLs and a good STL. But that last year was pure hell everyday with an asshole ETL and bitch STL trying to get rid of me.
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    Archived How long have you worked at Target?

    5 years. First year and a half as a Backroom Team Member, then the next 3 1/2 as the Backroom Team Lead. This past January would have been 6 years, but last March I finally got my dream job of software development!
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    Archived Direct Deposit help?!

    When I still worked at Target, I had Chase first and the deposit always showed up in my account sometime between 11:30pm Thursday night and 12:30am Friday morning. After a while I ditched Chase because of their shenanigans and got Bank of the West. I usually went to bed by 2am, but never saw my...
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    Archived W2-- No Longer a Team Member?

    I quit last March too. A week or two ago I logged into the paperless employee (or whatever it is) website and my W2 was sitting right there waiting to be downloaded. So just give it a try.
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    Archived Team Leader Pay

    Went from Backroom TM to Backroom TL in mid 2010, going from $9.67 to $15.00. When I quit in March of last year, I was at $16.92. Standard annual review raises, whatever E was each year.
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    Archived Are hours going to be good in the summer?

    And it can't be the normal magic rub eraser (the white rectangle), it has to be the HIGH POLYMER magic rub eraser. You don't have it? OMG MY KID IS GOING TO FAIL THIS YEAR. Yeah....Back to School was "fun".
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    Archived Are hours going to be good in the summer?

    Back to school is around the corner. The store will get destroyed. At least all the ones in my area did. Back to school is far more horrible than Christmas, but, at least it's something to get some hours for. Hours SHOULD go up, but no guarantees of course.
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    Archived Gap raises its minimum wage to $10/ hr over next two years

    I know what the claimed reason is. I just don't agree that it makes one drop of sense. Minimum wage is minimum wage. The End. If there's going to be strings attached to it, it should be called Conditional Wage. Tips don't have squat to do with the business. That's purely between the server and...
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    Archived Gap raises its minimum wage to $10/ hr over next two years

    Holy s***, I hope you weren't in Alaska, you poor thing. I had read about those yearly checks from the oil industry or whatever it was, years ago. I wouldn't move there even if I was offered a job in my current field for $300k. And please, without any of this "save teh rich peeple!!1111one...
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    Archived Gap raises its minimum wage to $10/ hr over next two years

    Some states have minimum wage exemptions for small businesses. If a business makes less than X amount per year, they can pay less than minimum wage. What I don't get is why people who get tips get lower than minimum wage, and that this is spelled out in the labor laws. I don't understand that...
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    Archived did your store start locating produce, deli, and bakery?

    If you mean the normal pfresh stuff, then yeah, my store always did, right from day 1 of the pfresh remodel. In the backroom, we only pulled it. The market team was tasked with pushing it and backstocking it (so they could do rotating, monarching if applicable, culling, etc). The batches were...