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    Starbucks Team Leaders

    I did mine 2 weeks ago. Last year I got 2 full pallets, this year I got 50% of that. I might get more according to my DM.
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    I wish I could visit a $85 mil + volume store.

    I worked in a 125m store for 4 years. It's fun, with a lot of TL and ETLs. :D
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    TL transfer

    I am interested in other experiences about transferring. I already have the longest commuted than order TL/ETL and when I move, my commute will be an over an hour. As a "high performance" TL, I know I can find store outside my district closer to my new place. The things that goes against me is...
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    Starbucks Team Leaders

    When they announced the peach outage, I ordered the following week 6 cases and I got them all still. On the new Sbux weekly update they anounced outage of sandwich and panini bags... order couple of boxes to stock up. Maybe it will work. ;)
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    Different store experiences

    In how many different stores you worked? 👀
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    Is there a pay difference for Closing TL?

    Haha, they will say no. Being a key carrier is part of every TL job.
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    Calling in Sick

    In my area you need to work 90 days to use sick hours, but you start accruing them from the first day. It all depends of the state/city you work in. Ask HR about the sick hour policy for your store, or check your papers from the orientation.
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    Starbucks Team Leaders

    Yes, we do. btw, we are out of: guava, lemonade, green tea, mango-dragon juice, caramel drizzle. We are also not getting protein boxes, bacon-sausagge wraps, ham&swiss cros, butter cros. :cool:
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    TL/PG45 Base Pay Increase

    In my area went to from $19 to $24 for TL position, while TMs are still at $15. Honestly, it is hard to find decent TM to do the job when most of the grocery stores are paying $17-20/per hour. TL turnover is high, when you can be a cashier for the same pay.
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    Archived New to TPS, but already want to hide...

    If you follow your AP directive, you do not have to worry for your job! Plus, nobody accept for you to catch every person who steals.
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    Archived AP recoveries

    When Target AP Team is bringing a guest into the office, with handcuffs, or without... you can assume they have stole something at 99.999% certainty. @Flowmotion that video does not give a true picture of how AP Team works.
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    Archived Certified vs. Non-certified Pharmacy Technician and Intern Pay

    Pharmacy inters get a fixed raise every year (in my old store was $1/year), not like TMs, witch is based on performance. And stores gets, kinda an extra hours from the district for interns. In my state, interns have more responsibilities than the technicians, because they are training you to be...
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    Archived Latest rumor at my store

    I don't celebrate that holiday. Time and a half all day... sign me up for that!:oops:
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    Archived Highest pay that an ETL can make

    150-160k, if you are ETL-Rx
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    Archived what are your average hours?

    my eHR average is 40.0. The lowest schedule I had was 20h, but I never worked less than 39 a week in the last 3.5 years.