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    Archived How to turn down....

    Btw, I have a gif of my avatar but for some reasons, this site would not let me download .gif as an avatar.
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    Archived How to turn down....

    Thanks Zone....haha, common sense huh? So if I decline the permanent position, they will still be able to re hire me back for seasonal work?
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To that team member who constantly stopped what he was doing to admire body washes and sniffed them all instead of putting them up, REALLY?! We were swamped with the pallets of pushes and you took your sweet time to smell every DAMN body wash in the aisle! I was done with two aisles starting...
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    Archived How to turn down....

    an offer to stay on as permanent TM after Christmas without burning the bridges? I'd like to come back again next year as seasonal TM. After two weeks of working at Target, I was surprised when I was offered a permanent spot. The group I work with is awesome. TLs and ETL are pretty...
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    Archived Don't dismiss the value of a degree even in this economy

    This has been a very interesting read. I hold an associate degree in my field with the intention of getting a bachelor's degree (I got sidetracked by life and work so that is currently on hold). I'd like to remark on the comment about degrees being everything and experience means very little...
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    Archived Seasonal hours?

    I actually only want to work part time. I unexpectedly received a nice promotion at my full time job so I only want to work part time for Target seasonal only. I have heard some seasonal hires have received more than the expected hours and is wondering if thats the norm. I am on flow team...
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    Archived Seasonal hours?

    I am seasonal flow tm and just got hired last week (orientation this sunday). Do seasonal hires usually get a lot of hours or mostly part time?
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    Archived Hello Everyone :)

    Hi :) I have an orientation on Thursday or Sunday. All we have to do is wear red and khaki and bring two forms of ID, that is it.
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    Archived Do you use reusable shopping bags?

    Yes. I'd have to agree that it ll be nice to have .05 credit for every bag we use at Target. ;)
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    Archived Hardship money?

    Thanks for bumping this. On the conditional job offer paperwork, it mentioned LifeResources and I was wondering what that was.
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    Archived Reindeer run prep

    Please forgive my stupidity but what is reindeer run?!
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    Archived When to expect a call after drug test?

    Thank you everyone! So it is a waiting game until I receive the call. Might as well enjoy the peace before I get thrown in the middle of madness. To start working the week of Thanksgiving/Black Friday is going to be interesting lol.
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To that HR lady, thank you for going out of your way in getting me an interpreter for the interviews, with a smile on your face. Thank you for making me feel special as in your excitement for having to go through the process of getting accommodations for me for the first time ever (as you said)...
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    Archived When to expect a call after drug test?

    Thanks. I just received a phone call (I'm impatient lol) and was told I passed the drug test. Now they are doing a background check which normally takes a week or so. But they want to schedule me for an orientation on Nov 20th possibly sooner. Now this background check, why does it take...