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    Archived The Target SONG (Video link)

    Have you seen the actual Target-produced commercials? They pale in comparison. They ought to pay him, but have decided instead to throw their advertising budget into some of the most weird-ass TV spots I've ever seen.
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    To that one guest

    I've heard that one myself, more than once. One time recently, the lady was actually walking toward the front on the racetrack already, almost there. The whole card reader signature interface is poorly designed. It's natural to want to start writing ON the line, instead of above it. Our whole...
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    To that one guest

    Oh, it's coming alright. I'm surprised you haven't heard it yet. It's a favorite, right up there with "If it doesn't scan, it must be free!"
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    Archived Weird split-shift, last half hour is HR.

    The way the schedule is displayed when you're editing it can cause issues like this. By default, it displays all of the shifts for the individual workcenters (i.e. it'll display all of the Cashier shifts for the week, then you can scroll down the page to see Electronics, and so on). So, when...
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    Archived Integrated Guest Service

    I think my store is considered ULV, but it doesn't work well here. Now any guest who wants to do a return has to wait in line behind other guests who are just buying things. There's nowhere else you can make a return but at the service desk, so they're stuck. And now it's difficult for them to...
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    Retail Girl, if you don't tell anyone, they'll never find out. They're likely pulling the info for the attendance contests from the attendance reports, and like others here have said, 1 minute late won't show up. The only way they'll notice is if they go through your timesheet, look at every...
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    To that one guest

    It's fitting that they made those buttons bright red to match your new speed score, eh?
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    Archived Funny stories about Guest Theft.

    Our TMs usually call it out to the front end, but it's on the main channel anyway, so everyone can hear it.
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    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    Unless it's a food item, then you can key any quantity.
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    Archived What happens if you walk out...

    Early AM Team Leaders. In my store, the Flow TL and Backroom TL carry keys (we're low-volume, so no overnight and LOD doesn't come in until 7 AM). They're both keyed in the system as "Logistics TL - Key Carrier" and get an extra $1/hr for it.
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    Archived Benefits

    This. They should give you the packet, but it's not absolutely necessary. Between the phone number and the info on the pay and benefits site, you should be alright.
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    Archived Funny stories about Guest Theft.

    That's definitely a good practice to get going. Our Electronics TMs call out just about every purchase they ring up (we're fairly low volume, so it's not a huge amount), just to keep everyone aware.
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    Archived What happens if you walk out...

    Uniforms for a TPS or SFT, keys for SrTLs and other key carriers. They may not be seasonal positions, but they're all still non-exempt.
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    Archived TL interviews

    What's your primary workcenter right now? Have you had any leadership experience? Do you know what TL position is open?