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    Archived Target Cross Training POLICY!....???

    Still new obviously, but I feel like talking and making friends with the TLs for certain areas is the best way to get cross trained/more hours. I keep getting asked by other TLs if I want to move to HL or Starbucks permanently. My ETL GE finally caught wind of that (Usually work with the other...
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    Archived Money

    I had a guy pay with a roll of quarters today. I also had a lady sign up for a red card and pay with 76 1$ bills. That was tough to count. Also, if you guys have them TD bank has a free coin counter for people that have an account there.
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    Archived Possibly a new GSA?

    GSAs are expected to cross train in Starbucks/Food Ave/Service Desk. They perform tasks similar to your GSTL (change, lane lights, carts, strays, breaks, returns etc) without the leadership responsibilities. It really does sound like you are doing quite well. Keep up the good work.
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    To that one guest

    They could have been waitresses too. They get a lot of singles. @Food Aver: I think I was just ranty with that particular guest though because he probably took nearly 20 mins of my time total, between getting the ps4, deciding on accessories, and just counting and miscounting the money. I had...
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    To that one guest

    To the guest that bought a ps4, I understand that you want to pay cash for it, but did you really have to pay in mostly 5s and 10s? It took me forever to count that, especially since you counted it out several times yourself silently. Stupid phone kept interrupting my counting too. More...
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    Archived To those super nice guests

    To the first guest I helped in electronics, Thanks for being patient with me today as we were both new to looking for things in that area of the store. We did eventually find what you were looking for and your daughter did settle on an ipod size/color. All is well in the world.
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    Archived Electronics crash course for a CA/Cashier?

    Electronics shift done! It was harder than I thought at first, but I got the hang of it. I apparently am too neat freak with the zone and keep making things look too nice. Toys was impossible to zone, but I did it with the help of one ETL and 2 SF TMs. Did end the night with all the strays...
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To that one seasonal cashier who didn't know about the CC thing before, I heard you quit despite being kept on. Remind me to ask GSTL if I can pick up your hours next week and possibly every week.
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    Archived Guests Say the Darndest Things...

    So this happened today: Guest argues with me over the price of an item and holds up my line while GSTL goes to price check it. Eventually it is decided that the guest can have the item for 5.99 because it was put back in the wrong spot and the guest was being insufferable about it. Guest: If...
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    Archived SEASONAL employees (when do they start getting let go?)

    @ZombiePanties31: Try talking to your TL about training in more areas. If you are friendly with any ETLs or TLs in different areas you might be able to pick up some shifts for the seasonal people being let go. I did this with electronics and Hardlines in my store since there aren't enough CA...
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    Archived Electronics crash course for a CA/Cashier?

    So, HL shift is over. It was literally easier than cashiering somehow. I was just putting back strays the whole day. Seems everyone else was focused on changing endcaps so I just did strays for all the full carts (3 for E/F, 1 for A/B, 1 overflowing one for C/D in 5 hrs). Pretty easy, helped...
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    Archived Cutting hours already?

    I know this feel. I actually talked to my GSTL after the first day of this (New Years) and they started scheduling one extra cashier the rest of the week. I feel my store needs a minimum of 3 at closing time to be done, zoned and keep the lines short enough where we only occasionally need...
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    Archived Theft and fraud ... stories and what to look for

    The only story I have concerns clearance stickers. Make sure the clearance sticker, when scanned or manually entered matches the product type. For example, if you manually type the number off a 2.89 clearance sticker found on a teal shirt and it doesn't say something like TEAL BLOUSE S or...
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    Speaking of closing on New Years my store was done around 10:30 with a skeleton crew and I was talking to the Sales Floor TL as we were wrapping up. Me: Did you need help with that thing that needs to get done until midnight? TL: What thing? Me: You know, that thing, until midnight... TL...
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    To that one guest

    Most of the kids we get at my store are pretty chill and just hang out and are too shy to even say hi. Some are even friendly, but then there are the other ones, ones like this: Veruca Salt incarnates are the worst.