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    Archived X-Mas Toy Flipping 2016 is in full swing - Hatchimals

    I remember those as well... We had a lady literally fill her cart with the endcap of them, and the GSTL let her buy them all. They were going to "charity".
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    Archived Target-induced Depression

    All good advice, especially the bolded.
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    Archived Tried a return today...nothing worked...felt about the gave him money out of my own pocket.

    I ran into the same situation, the guest came back a few days later to thank me. She actually called GE and they issued her a gift card for the items we were unable to process.
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    Archived Considering leaving Target, one month in... throw me a bone here, please.

    I have read it and yes, definitely get rid of your picture. Corporate is all over this board since you can read this without actually registering. The only way you could go up the chain is speak with you Store Team Lead, which MIGHT actually work if you just explain your situation. After that...
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    Archived Attn GSTLs/GSAs: PO Question

    We never EVER rang P.O.'s as Tax Exempt before scanning the binder. Of course, it may vary from state to state on what the correct method is of doing P.O.'s (but I doubt it).
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    Archived Gsa's and the cart attendant

    Does Spot even let GSA's coach other tm's? I've been out of the game for awhile, but back in the day it would definitely have to be the GSTL to do the actual coaching.
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    Archived can i get in trouble for forgetting or not taking a 15

    In my short stint as produce/meat at a SuperTarget, my TL definitely encouraged us NOT to take our 15 minute breaks. "I won't tell you NOT to take your 15....but we have a pretty big workload for tonight!". Yeah, every freaking night. I hated her so much.
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    To that one guest

    You don't seriously think the guests care or notice things like that right? At least once a week I'd be walking to the break room with a pizza or some other FA dreck in one hand, drink in the other and someone would ALWAYS ask me where to find something.
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    Archived Theft and fraud ... stories and what to look for

    Yarp, and they will generally cover up the barcode hoping the cashier won't know any better and just key in the dpci. Even worse than that is when people switch physical tags, barcode and all. We had people returning clearanced out sweaters with the tags of a full price sweater that they just...
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    Archived KrebsOnSecurity Breaks Story on Target Data Breach

    Why the heck is there a QR code on the gift cards to begin with. Granted the only giftcard that ever gave me an issue before was the multipacks of disc giftcards (whatever those were called), but they REALLY need to keep it simple as possible when designing them. edit: Found a giftcard with...
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    Archived KrebsOnSecurity Breaks Story on Target Data Breach

    Saw this creep into my facebook feed this morning, then on Good Morning America they had a story on it as well. I REALLY feel bad for anyone working Guest Services for the next few weeks.
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    Call your store and if it's after hours make sure and stay on the line. If someone is still in the store it should make the nightbell go off and someone should answer. I'm not sure if it's the same policy at all targets, but at mine they always wanted you to call out 2 hours prior to your shift.
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    Archived Someone tried to quick-change scam me today

    ^^You handled that really well^^ I've had guests try to change out other bills while I was in the process of counting out their change, which in itself doesn't seem suspicious. However, this is one of the ways they can get you, so we were always told to send guests to Guest Services if they...
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    Archived Online Only clearance

    We had a guest a couple years ago who returned a pair of shoes because they "didn't fit". She later came back to guest services saying she wanted to buy them back at the DISCOUNTED price but couldn't find them on the shelf anywhere. I told her that I could post void the return...
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    Archived Question about two functions for register

    You'll also need to use that button if you want to check a Target giftcard's balance for a guest.