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  1. SupermanLeader

    Archived Wal-Mart restructures store management hierarchy, closes five stores

    However, I think Steinhafel had the job to restructure the org chart in the beginning was to cut back costs. Back in those days Target had limited concerns when it came to "expenses" and "compliance" until they realized the $$$ it was spending and how that would effect them so much through the...
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    Archived GSTLs and email sent to cell phones

    My SFT told me they have I respond to calls. They are always on call. But when these calls are made they must submit a punch correction for the time spent on the phone. Whenever an ETL or even TL, myself, call him we make it routine to remind him don't forget to do a punch correction.
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    Archived Business Partners Positions

    Any here about the Business Partners position removal all around the company? Thoughts? Questions? or have more info?
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    Archived Transfers, ah the fun.

    As sad as it is, I've been at my store since I was 16, 7 years now. I'm looking to transfer/promote closer to my home about 10 miles apart. same district.
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    Archived Are all stores hiring fewer seasonal hires for Q4?! enjoy.
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    Archived Strengths and Opportunities

    Strengths: Manages Talent Demonstrates Courage Opp: Manages Execution but changing after this quarter :)
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    Archived VIBE Cards

    Besides workbench (under Tools) there really is no other way. You can print them in your APs office. Actually it MIGHT be able to order of SAP. I will try to look for the part number on Wednesday.
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    Archived How To : Access E-HR From Home on a Mac

    WOW! I know I'm late but Amazing VIBE card for HardlinesFour
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    Archived feels good to be back

    LOL. Wait are you a SoftlinesMaster now? haha What do you need help with? Storing them?
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    Archived Are all stores hiring fewer seasonal hires for Q4?

    I pretty sure we just said the same thing in two different ways. Yes, the economy sucks, badly. No one said its solely "because the company all of a sudden realized they can just cross-train existing team members?" The reason for cross-training is to minimize the hours "wasted" to hire...
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    Archived Are all stores hiring fewer seasonal hires for Q4?

    You're right, they're are trying to save where they can. Some has to do with Canada not going as planned, but it all has to do with past trends. They may have realized that most stores have enough TMs in stores all they need to do is cross-train. And like someone mentioned before its cheaper to...
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    Archived feels good to be back

    Thanks! I'm glad to be back. I got a lot of my information and ideas from here that I was able to implement into my store and time to share what I've learned this past year with those who need help. I love that the signature "Seasonal call button 2nd request, who is responding?" is still there...
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    Archived feels good to be back

    Spot took us down again!? For what?? Softlines has finally come together! The relief, stress and feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming. Its all about teach, train and develop and having the right person in the right place. Exactly what the Company says is exactly what it is, just takes...
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    MEGATHREAD Hang Me (The Softlines Thread)

    LOL, you're not an idiot. Its not told to us. We are trained to look for the DPCIs but Target tends to have their moments where they want to make us think, or look like fools... Congrats tho! Train your peeps on it too!
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    Archived feels good to be back

    I completely checked out of this site! Ahhhh! How has everyone been?!
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    Archived Softlines Color Explosion: This has been a rough week!

    Stressed out doesn't even cut it. I'm still stressed out!! Most adjacencies break within two weeks are sooo, and with this set its like you can't let it break because its still going on!! -__- This was an ultimately #fail I think. although I did like the Mens color pants, bought some blue...
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    Archived AE 2012 - Team Leaders

    AE 2012 for Team Leaders (Current) is going to be pretty cool. Don't know if I want to spoil the fun just yet. :P
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    Archived Softlines adj. fun

    It is best practice, but no. lol Last week: Mens, Boy, Girls and NIT in one day? Right. This week: RTW and IHP, Right. Let's just say I have FINALLY gotten ALL my clearance out and all the adj. done except Intimate: 50%. It's been a stressful two weeks but its getting better. I see light at the...
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    Archived Softlines

    Ask a lot of questions and think of ideas that can improve the area. I know you are just a team member, but that is exactly what I look for in my team. I always end up asking them questions, I'm a TL but new to the area and even if I have an idea and plan I end up a couple of my team members...
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    Archived TL dating TM

    If I am not mistaken a Team Leader can date a Team Member who does not report to him/her, correct? Yes, I just got promoted and, yes, seasonal team members came lol if u catch my drift. I am a Softlines TL and she is a Cashier. The only hindrance is that since I used to be a GSA I...