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    Archived Electronics Attachment Rate

    What are you guys doing to raise your AAR?
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    Archived I can't for the life of me get 0 baffles on the report

    Cheating the system to get a score never fixes anything...but it provides job security!
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    Archived I'm getting close to that point where I just stop caring

    SOT and XFlow are right. People are always talking and never doing anything to improve it, and it's normally the trash who complain the loudest. There are some who do what they can, are willing to sacrifice, plan, etc. and they end up getting promoted and/or leaving. I fucked up years ago, and...
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    Archived STL Watching You on the Camera

    Gag, back away from the situation for a minute. Listen carefully. This is only to help you. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I do want to clarify a few things for you, so that in the future you can present yourself better. First and foremost, the STL should not be coaching/writing up TM's, that's...
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    Archived Just a random question. How do you know your being coached?

    It doesn't matter if you sign it or not, they are still valid and kept in your file.
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    Letters to Integrity

    He needs to be fired. There's so many things he's wrong about, some which have been mentioned already, but one thing that hasn't been mentioned is his complacency. He says he does the same he's been doing for years. Well that performance might have been great 3 years ago, today it's average at...
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    Archived Just a random question. How do you know your being coached?

    No buckwill, that is not a coaching. That is you challenging upwards. My examples are not good, but it should provide you with a better understanding. Depending upon the person, the issue, and my relationship with the person determines how formal it is. A seek to understand is basically...
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    Archived New ETL-logistics (overnight)

    One thing I'm going to add that you won't find on here is this. Realize that this job is these people's livelihood. Learn the difference between the one's that don't care and the one's that do. The one's that do care, and try, cut them some slack because Target no longer gives you what you need...
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    Archived Ad takedown

    I can't wait for a surprise ad audit to happen at some of your stores.
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    Archived Target and Google Glasses

    Target (and all retail companies, etc) is fighting a losing battle. They are living in the past. Technology is coming out faster and faster and they are still worried about someone having a phone in their pocket.
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    Why take break in the breakroom?

    What is ratchet and what is NPR? Like the pop stars? public radio? They are talking to you for a variety of reasons. One is to include you, to try and get to know you some. Another is to have a laugh, either with you or at your expense. You sound like the type of person who doesn't socialize...
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    Archived How many LODs does it take...

    If all stores were not the same then best practice wouldn't best, best practice is best, therefore all stores are the same. /checkmate TM's
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    Archived A store operator's wish list...

    Please stop acting like operator is a complicated job. Since I have moved to pricing, I work softlines on the weekends, including operator. I am telling you right now, it's a ****ing cakewalk. In fact, it's one of the easiest positions in the store.
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    Archived Hardlines TL schedule

    At my store they close 1 night a week and work mids on other days, alternate weekends and their weekends are mid or close.
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    Archived A store operator's wish list...

    Babytree, you do know that you can ask the guest what they need and then ask over the walker right? A majority of the time we know the answer and can relay it over the walkie to save everyone time. Some work centers are so spoiled.
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    Archived No college degree Team Leaders.

    Reading some of the recent posts in this thread, I see why you were overlooked for promotion.
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    they treat me like crap.....

    This was mine . I guess I'm just too old to understand now, but I thought that each generation tried to distance itself from the previous generation in things such as music and slang. It's like a 25 year old acting like a 16 year old. /boggle
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    Archived What should I put on my resume for TL?

    It depends on the store, my STL would have no problem informing others that someone will be gone soon, etc. We just had a TM signed off for TL (bench), they had to have a resume detailing their time at Target.
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    Archived is target trying to get me to quit?

    So you got left out of a huddle? Perhaps the workload was heavy and the hours were cut. Perhaps it was just a huddle to go over stuff you already knew or they were going to go over with you later. Big deal, it's one huddle. You get mouthy with them and then wonder why they have an attitude...