1. TTGOz

    Logistics Softlines Planograms

    Is there like any guidelines on how to navigate the planograms in softlines? Doing SFS was hell when it came time to picking up shirts or clothes. Someone must have ordered Elf and Santa costumes for the whole family and I got lucky because all of that was in one spot, but I still had trouble...
  2. PogDog

    Pricing and Presentation Adjacency Cal query

    Curious, when looking at the adjacency calendar on workbench, some of the set hours are outlined in a red box. What does that mean?
  3. T

    VML in charge of SL adjacencies?

    So today my store asked me if I would like to be fully in charge of softlines adjacencies.... scheduling the team, making sure POGs are set, etc. I am extremely comfortable working in softlines, but it makes me question the role of the actual softlines TL... does anyone else have a similar setup...
  4. FredPanda3

    How closely are adjacencies actually checked?

    Just curious.
  5. FredPanda3

    Convertible rack?

    I knew this is a fumb question but I'm gonna be in presentation by myself for the first time and just want to double check. What's a convertible rack exactly? Is it the racks that have three arms instead of two?
  6. FredPanda3

    Setting Shoes? Shoes POG?

    I need help from anyone that has pog experience. How do I know which aisles are set in standard and which are set in reverse?? I don't know which aisles wrap around and which are backwards in the book if that makes sense..